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  • 5 Easy-To-Prepare Snack Ideas Your Kids Can Enjoy During Recess At Home

    Level up your kid’s “baon” by serving them these.
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5 Easy-To-Prepare Snack Ideas Your Kids Can Enjoy During Recess At Home
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  • If there’s one thing kids look forward to during regular school days—aside from a fun day of learning and seeing their schoolmates, of course—it’s recess time. After all, it’s an opportunity for them to play with friends and check the baon their parents lovingly prepared for them.

    However, things are different right now, as kids find themselves having to attend classes online and talk to their teachers, classmates, and friends through video chat. The one thing that remains the same? The excitement they feel as recess approaches!

    Moms, if you’re looking for snack ideas to help give your little ones a boost, this list has you covered. (You can even treat this as a weekly baon plan!) Keep reading:

    Grilled cheese sandwich with bacon

    Handy and filling, sandwiches are a mom’s best friend since they can be made in so many ways using practically any ingredient available in the pantry or fridge. For a kid-friendly sandwich, you can’t go wrong with the classic grilled cheese—upgrade or switch things up by adding a slice or two of bacon.

    Pizza toasts

    If you have a little more time to prepare a snack, try making pizza toasts. Yes, as in the homemade ones using bread slices, tomato sauce, sliced hotdogs or ham, and cheese! Just assemble, heat in the oven until the bread is toasted and the cheese is melted, and serve.

    Fresh fruits and plain yogurt

    Want healthier snack options? Slice up fresh fruits like ripe mangoes, strawberries, or melon, and serve with plain yogurt on the side. The sweetness of fruits adds layers of flavors to milky and tangy yogurt, making it more palatable to kids. You can even drizzle some honey if you want to make it even sweeter.

    Sliced apples and peanut butter

    Alternatively, you can simply slice some red apples and serve them with peanut butter as a dip for a dose of fiber and healthy fats!

    Butterscotch bites

    If your kid has a sweet tooth, they would love to snack on some pastries. Freshly baked goodies are always ideal, but let’s face it: Moms may not always have the time (and energy!) to prepare them.

    It’s okay for those extra hectic days to give your child a carefully selected, ready-made snack. How about Butterscotch Bites by Pinoy brand Super Delights?

    Just put these bite-sized pastries made with real premium caramel chips on a plate and let your kids enjoy the milky-caramel taste. Then, let them wash it down with milk or fresh fruit juice!

    Super Delights Butterscotch Bites are available in a supermarket or convenience store near you for P60 (SRP). For more #SnackakaInLove snacks and treats, follow Super Delights on Facebook and Instagram.

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