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  • Solid Starters: Planning Your Baby’s Meals

    Your 1-week planner for baby meals introducing solid food.
    Heidi Murkoff, author of the 26-million-copy best-selling What To Expect series, updates us on important feeding reminders. Here is an excerpt from her latest installment, What to Expect: Babysitter and Nanny Handbook.

    •    When introducing a new food, give this little by little, and allow for a few days before introducing another new food. Should there be an allergic reaction, you can determine which food item caused it.

    •    Honey served to children below 1 year old can make them very sick.

    •    Until your baby becomes a chew-and-swallow expert, it’s best to keep these choking hazards off  their menu:
          o    raisins and other dried fruit (unless they’re cooked and finely cut up)
          o    whole peas and beans (unless they’re boiled soft)
          o    raw chunks of firm veggies and fruits (carrots, apples, etc.)
          o    chunks of meat or chicken (they must be finely flaked or ground)
          o    large chunks of cheese
          o    nuts or seeds
          o    whole grapes (must be cut up in small pieces and peeled)
          o    hotdog (unless skinned and cut into small pieces)
          o    peanut butter (unless there is no allergy and the peanut butter is VERY THINLY spread)


    •    Don’t serve under-cooked eggs or anything with raw eggs. (No batter licking!)

    •    Even 100 percent fruit juices should be limited to no more than 6 ounces a day (less than a cup). In excess, they can cause diarrhea, gas, bloating, and stomach pain.

    •    Feed by the clock. Even if they were fed on demand as younger babies, babies being started on solid food need to eat meals at regular times. Otherwise, they’ll graze the day away and never have room for a full meal.


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