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  • Synbiotics Help Promote Catch-up Growth in Hard-to-Feed Kids

    Is your child hard to feed? Try synbiotics.
  • hard to feed kidsFeeding difficulty is a significant problem worldwide; up to 50 percent of toddlers are reported to be hard-to-feed. These children tend to eat small amounts, favor only a few certain foods, and avoid trying new foods. Both physiological factors (i.e. appetite, genetics and growth) and psychological issues (i.e. struggle for autonomy, changing emotions and moods, and the level of affection or adverse interaction between mother and child) can contribute to hard-to-feed habits.  

    Research has shown that this behavior can persist throughout the childhood years, and may result in serious physical and emotional consequences. Long-term follow-up of children with early refusal to eat showed that picky and problematic eating behaviors persisted through nine years of age. The potential consequences of persistent hard-to-feed behavior include growth complications, lower cognitive development, nutritional deficiencies, increases in chronic illness, and an increased risk of developing eating disorders later in life. Hard-to-feed behavior can also sometimes lead to social and emotional problems, such as aversion to touch, lethargy, and disinterest in playing or learning.

    Feeding difficulty is a condition that needs to be taken seriously. Parents who notice the warning signs of this behavior should talk to their pediatricians about how to best encourage healthy eating habits.    

    One way of addressing this problem is by adding PediaSure Plus with Triple Sure System to your child’s diet. The new PediaSure Plus formula contains the following unique properties that make it the only clinically proven nutritional supplement to help hard-to-feed children thrive:


    In addition, PediaSure Plus with Triple Sure System helps to support healthy growth and development with its enhanced system of essential vitamins and minerals, and unique synbiotics to help strengthen the body’s natural defenses. In a clinical study of underweight children, PediaSure Plus with synbiotics reduced the number of sick days by 29 percent in those three to five years of age. The product has also been clinically shown to promote catch-up growth in hard-to-feed children at nutritional risk.

    PediaSure Plus with Triple Sure System™ is available in two great tasting flavors: Classic Vanilla and Chocolate.

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