This Touching Video Shows How Moms Can Give Comfort Beyond Words

Sometimes, all you need is warm bowl of Mom's tinola.

As Filipinos, one of the things you love the most is food—and when it comes to food, you know nothing beats Mom's cooking. Even more amazing, moms always seem to know exactly what delicious dish to cook for you at every point in your life. 

When you were kids, whenever she wanted you to eat more, she cooked sinigang. When you're celebrating your birthday or a big milestone, she prepares your favorite spaghetti. And when you were ill or emotionally down, Mom knows she can comfort you the best with a heartwarming bowl of tinola.

This video by Knorr can remind you just how powerfully comforting it is to have a sip of your favorite chicken tinola, especially when it is made with the generous love of a mother:

A bowl of tinola will always have a special place in your hearts (and tummies) because of all the comforting love your mothers put into it every time it's cooked. Truly, tinola is the Pinoy version of "chicken soup for the soul," and this video by Knorr proves it.

Learn how to make your own chicken tinola by visiting the Knorr website, or you may also subscribe to Knorr on Viber to access recipes personalized for you.

This article is sponsored by Knorr.