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  • 5 Ways to Make (and Enjoy!) Tinola

    There are different ways to make this classic Pinoy recipe even more delicious and appetizing
    by Roselle Miranda for Yummy.ph .
5 Ways to Make (and Enjoy!) Tinola
PHOTO BY Michael Angelo Chua
  • Tinola for many Pinoys is the classic chicken soup. It's a simple and basic recipe that calls for chicken simmered in water to create a simple and fast chicken broth whose flavor is enhanced with ginger slices. It's made heartier with chunks of tender green papaya and talbos ng sili in the chicken broth.

    Tinola was probably the chicken soup your mother made and then pushed you to eat whenever you felt a little under the weather.

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    Since it's such a simple recipe, anyone who experiments in the kitchen can tweak it to make their own. From a classic recipe to a one that transforms it's overall flavor, here are five ways to make tinola that we think are delicious:  

    1 Classic Chicken Tinola Recipe

    It's hard to beat the original and in this case, it's easy to make! It has simple flavors that are downright delicious and comforting, too. We used sayote instead of green papaya just in case you can't find the vegetable. You'll want a bowl of this every time it rains and gets chilly. Click here for the recipe.

    Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

    2 Tinola Paella Recipe

    If you're the type who wants lots of rice when you're eating tinola, this is one recipe you need for when you feel like having unli-rice! Click here for the recipe.

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    Photo by Cy Ynares

    3 Baked Tinola Recipe

    Everyone knows how to cook this chicken in ginger broth on the stovetop. So, you'd be surprised how easy it is to ditch the stove. There's no hovering over the heat of the flame while the oven does all the cooking for you. Click here for the recipe.

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    Photo by Dairy Darilag

    4 Pork Tinola Recipe

    Sometimes, a simple addition or swap can make a big difference in a dish. In this case, the humble tinola is updated by using pork instead of the usual chicken so you get a different flavor that, while isn't a classic ingredient, is still quite delicious and easy to make. Click here for the recipe.

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    Photo by Michael Chua

    5 Chicken Binakol Recipe

    There is always a twist you can do to make dishes more flavorful, and in this instance, coconut water instead of plain water transforms the flavor profile of this tinola version. It's similar in taste to the tinola but different enough to earn its own name. Click here for the recipe.

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