• US Angus Tapa & Eggs

    Serve this special breakfast for the entire family this weekend!
  • US Angus Tapa & Eggs

    Angus tapa

    •    200 grams Angus beef tenderloin    
    •    1 cup garlic rice    
    •    30 grams atchara    
    •    Egg, sunny side up     

    •    10ml seasoning    
    •    Dash of salt and pepper    
    •    30 grams garlic    
    •    30 grams calamansi    
    •    30ml vinegar    
    1.    Slice Angus beef tenderloin thinly.
    2.    Marinate in seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic, calamansi, and vinegar for three days.
    3.    Pan-fry in hot oil until tender.
    4.    Serve with sunny side up, garlic rice, atchara, and vinegar.


    Photography by Bahaghari MFI

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