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  • “Amazing Grace” Series: There is Hope Beyond Your Suffering

    This Holy Week, let us be inspired by the faith, hope and love of moms who have amazing stories to tell — stories of Amazing Grace.
    by Tina Santiago-Rodriguez .
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    The abuse began after I was advised by my OB to take a leave from work. As such, I didn’t have any income as I was put on bed rest, and thus had no money to give him. Perhaps that’s what triggered his violent actions. Or maybe he felt insecure that he didn’t have any means to support our child. Until now, his reason for hitting me is still unclear to me. 

    Every time he would hit me, he would end up apologizing afterwards. He would also kiss my tummy to apologize to our son in my womb. Later on, I was assessed as having the “battered wife syndrome” wherein women tend to stay in a relationship even when they are being hurt physically.
    To add insult to injury, all throughout the course of our relationship, my then-boyfriend had relationships with other women. He was a womanizer and it turned out that he was just using me for the money that I provided for him. 


    I remember feeling so hurt every time I discovered his indiscretions. Of course, when caught, he would apologize, and silly old me would accept him again. One day, we had a huge fight and he left me again for another girl. He even told me that he'd rather play computer games than be a dad. I was so hurt.

    As for my parents, I was hesitant to tell them about my pregnancy, all the more because I was carrying the child of the very man they had warned me about. I was afraid of all the things they might say.

    One morning, I came home after being hit again. My bloodied face and bruised body were very unsightly so I did my best to hide my appearance from my parents. I was also very angry. I didn’t know what to do anymore with my life. I felt so alone. I actually planned on having the baby aborted so I could go on with my life. Little did I know that God would step in and save me (and my son) through a social networking site and, eventually, my parents.


    I posted photos of myself, beaten black and blue, on Facebook, because I wanted the father of my ex-boyfriend to see what his son had done to me. Eventually, my mom learned about those pictures, and of course she was fuming mad and very disappointed with me, her only child. 

    Eventually, though, things turned for the better. I’d like to think now that my parents actually rescued me from all my mistakes. I focused on my pregnancy, with the full support of my family. We filed a case against my ex-boyfriend, which is still in court as of this writing.


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