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  • 10 Baby and Kiddie Brands That Are Proudly Pinoy

    These local brands are 100% Filipino-owned and inspired.
  • We Filipinos are known worldwide for many things. Andrea Chloe Wong, a writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, lists some of those things in an article titled, “What Filipinos Can Be Proud Of,” focusing on “remarkable qualities” like “our caring ways,” “our inherent humanity,” and “our creativity.”

    Even non-Filipinos know that Filipinos possess qualities that we can be proud of. For example, New Zealander and accountant-turned-fulltime-traveler Brendan Lee wrote an article about why the Philippines should be one’s “first stop in Asia” on his travel blog Bren on the Road.

    In his article, Mr. Lee says Filipinos are “amazing people,” and even praised the Philippines in his guest post on the local travel and lifestyle blog Our Awesome Planet, writing that our country “has so much potential to shine.”

    Just like Ms. Wong and Mr. Lee, we believe that we Filipinos truly have qualities that we can be proud of. This is why we wish to “celebrate” being Filipino, and take pride in Filipino creativity and ingenuity by featuring these unique Filipino-owned brands that cater to kids and babies, brands that Pinoy moms and dads like you could be proud of:

    1. googoo&gaga


    The brainchild of AJ and Audrey Dimarucot, googoo&gaga provides “quirky clothes for kooky kids.” Their clothes are “wearable art pieces,” and are designed to be “both thoughtful and spontaneous, classy yet edgy, effortless yet artsy.”

    AJ is the design creator, and Audrey manages operations, marketing, sales and production. Through their hard work and dedication, googoo&gaga has been successful not just locally but abroad too — it is the only Filipino brand that was showcased in Playtime Paris, an international children’s and maternity trade show.

    To find out more about googoo&gaga, visit their website.

    2. Gingersnaps


    Gingersnaps is one of the leading brands for children’s (and maternity) wear in the Philippines. Founded by Sabrina Uy in 1993, it has since grown by leaps and bounds — starting from a “single corner in a department store” to having 31 boutiques and 25 department store corners nationwide.

    Gingersnaps has been successful not only in the Philippines — they also have boutique stores and department store corners in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates — truly, a homegrown brand we can be proud of.

    To learn more about Gingersnaps, visit their website.

    3. St. Patrick Baby
    St. Patrick Baby

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    St. Patrick Baby was founded in 1985 by a Filipino mother who wished to provide her newborn son with comfortable baby clothes made out of 100% cotton. At the time though, most baby garments in the market were made from synthetic material like polyester.

    So, she began her own company, believing that other moms would benefit from her brand — St. Patrick, the “first local premium baby clothing brand that puts emphasis on quality.”

    Currently, the brand also has several collections, including an organic one with clothes made from certified organic cotton that is grown and harvested without the use of harmful chemicals.

    Find out more by visiting their website.

    4. Nature to Nurture
    Nature to Nurture

    Nature to Nurture is a relatively new local brand of household products made of natural ingredients. The founder, Jacqueline Sy, wants to make Filipino homes “a safe place for children to flourish.”

    Bearing this in mind, Nature to Nurture’s baby bottle and dish wash is completely free of ingredients such as SLS, SLES, phthalates, parabens, dyes, phosphates, synthetic fragrances and colorants, formaldehyde and caustics.

    To learn more about Nature to Nurture, visit their website or Facebook page. You may also check out their products at physical stores like The Parenting Emporium, located at No. 29, 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City (email: theparentingemporium@gmail.com).

    5. Ant’s Pocket


    Ant's Pocket

    Founded in 2006, Ant’s Pocket was created out of one Filipino mother’s “wild and artistic imagination.” “It was my hobby and later on, I decided to do a business out of it,” mompreneur Analyn Mateo shares.

    Analyn creates “plush art” items like dolls, bags, finger puppets and accessories, which can be customized according to the customer’s needs and specifications. She used to make the items by hand herself, but is now ably assisted by several out-of-school youth and unemployed moms. This is her way of “giving back” to the community.

    You can view Ant’s Pocket’s cute items on their Facebook page.

    6. Earth Baby

    Earth Baby


    Earth Baby is a line of premium cloth diapers, designed for baby’s comfort and mom’s peace of mind. The brand was developed by Jeanette Un and Marie Antipasado, who were college dorm roommates brought together many years after graduation by a common advocacy: cloth diapering.

    Since their beginnings a little over two years ago, Earth Baby now has more options and reusable alternatives to everyday disposables used by babies — and mothers. They now carry pocket diapers, all-in-two diapers, pull-up diapers, and cloth feminine pads, among other items.

    To find out more about Earth Baby, visit their Facebook page or their online store.   

    7. Esensya Productos Artesenales

    Esensya Productos Artesenales features handcrafted items made by women from all over the Philippines. Developed by Cristina Aberasturi, Esensya helps Filipinas earn income through their crafts. All of their products are 100% Philippine-made.

    Among their popular items are those handmade for kids — including character amigurumi (crocheted or knitted stuffed toys using the Japanese method), booties, rompers and finger puppets.

    Learn more about Esensya Productos Artesenales by visiting their website or Facebook page.

    8. The Dizzy Dress


    Dizzy Dress

    The Dizzy Dress is a reversible twirly dress for little girls ages 2 to 9 years old. It puts the “play” back in children’s clothing, allowing your child to twist and turn joyfully and “prettily.”

    Created by advertising copywriter and mom Tricia Matoto-de Santo, the Dizzy Dress is seamless, has a full-circle skirt and hand-stitched details. The brand has been featured on several TV shows and websites.

    Find out more about this unique brand by visiting its website.

    9. Fluffy Pwets
    Fluffy PwetsCloth diapering parents Tina and Kaizer de Guzman are the power couple behind the Fluffy Pwets brand, “the Philippines’s first and original brand of hybrid and cloth fitted diapers.”

    All their products are individually handmade by Filipino women using both local and imported materials. Beyond cloth diapers though, the Fluffy Pwets product line now includes coordinating clothing, accessories, and cloth diapering essentials.

    Learn more about Fluffy Pwets via their website. You may also view their products in person at The Parenting Emporium in New Manila, Quezon City.

    10. Think Tents


    Think Tents

    Think Tents are paintable canvas teepees. Developed by Filipino educator Oona Mapua Carlos, Think Tents provide children with a fun outdoor or indoor teepee that they can use as a private space to think, read, write, and to play make-believe.

    100% made in the Philippines using local materials, the tents also serve as an “art canvas” for kids — they can paint and draw directly on the teepee!

    Curious about what Think Tents’s teepees look like? Check out their Facebook page.

    There are definitely more than 10 Pinoy brands to be proud of — just browsing through this site alone, you will discover so many local, fabulous brands.

    So, whether you’re based here in the Philippines or overseas, we encourage you: take pride in being a Filipino, and support and promote our local brands. This is one “simple” way by which we can show our love for our country, and support our countrymen, too.

    “What kind of love is more pure and more majestic, like the love for your native country? What kind of love? There’s nothing more, nothing.” — Andres Bonifacio, “Father of the Philippine Revolution”

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