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  • 10 Doctor-Approved Home Remedies for Common Child Diseases

    Doctor-approved homemade remedies for common kiddie illnesses and discomforts.
    by Ruth Manimtim-Floresca .
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    4. Fever
    Dr. de Lara advises a quick bath using lukewarm water to lower a child’s body temperature. “Make sure you also wet the head, not only the body,” she says.

    Andrea Trinidad-Echavez, communication consultant and mom of three, gives her kids cold compresses and wipes their extremities, armpits, back of the knees, and neck with a face towel dipped in ice-cold water. “I let the damp cloth stay in the armpit and back of the knee until the temperature goes down.”

    5. Cough and Cold
    Echavez’s home treatment for colds is to steam-vaporize the child to relieve clogged nose. “No vaporizer? Use an ordinary pot to boil water and put a substantial amount of salt in it. Make an improvised funnel using a plain folder (caution: ink used on printed paper like a newspaper might be hazardous). Remove water from the stove and use the funnel to direct the steam toward the child’s nose,” she instructs. Make sure the mouth of the funnel is at least eight inches away from the child to prevent burns. This helps soften mucus or dried up snot.

    6. Skin Irritations
    For diaper rash, simply change your baby’s nappies frequently  (you may need to switch brands in search of the most absorbent). For prickly heat, give kids a bath twice a day and change their clothes once they sweat to keep irritated skin dry.

    Anna Mychelle Cruzado, banker and mom of two, swears by virgin coconut oil for skin irritations. “I ordered a bottle from U.P. Los Baños because I wanted to buy from a trusted source. Among the listed benefits was relief from skin itchiness. It actually worked!” she claims.

    7. Teething Problems
    Teething babies need something to bite on. “Give baby a chilled teether or give him a clean washcloth dipped in cold water to nibble on,” suggests  Dr. de Lara.  A saline gargle (water with salt) can temporarily relieve sore throat. But for severe redness and swelling in the throat area, see a doctor immediately.



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