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  • 10 Picks from Our Goodie Bag: Preggy Essentials

    Recommended product finds for a sexy, pretty and healthy pregnancy
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
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  • Lip balm

    Nivea Essentials Care lip balm

    These days, I’m usually in a rush getting to work, and often I’m only able to perform the very basic skin care and makeup routine. If I’m in an even bigger rush, I at least swipe on some lip balm because my lips can get easily chapped. 

    For preggy women, though, even their most essential beauty products should be safe enough for their own skin and their unborn child’s. Nivea’s Essential Care lip balm provides just this with the right amount of moisture, using ingredients jojoba oil, shea butter and grape seed extracts.

    Available at beauty stores and drugstores for P70*


    High-fiber diet

    Nestle Fitnesse


    Last year, I made a resolution to hit the gym and to start eating healthier. I even downloaded apps to help monitor my calorie count. But one of the best things I discovered during the whole process was that nutritious food need not be tasteless or incredibly expensive. 

    Just as fiber is an important component in anybody’s diet, more so for pregnant women, who should more or less be consuming double the amount of fiber in a day. 

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    Nestle’s Fitnesse cereal packs in as much as 18 grams fiber per 30 grams, and it’s even low in fat. And it’s deliciously filling. You can add your fruits of choice, if you prefer.

    Available at supermarkets for P100* (180 grams) and P170* (330 grams)


    Lots of water

    Absolute Distilled Drinking Water

    Whenever I’m at the office, as much as possible, I make it a point to fill my tumbler with water every day. It helps challenge me to drink up and to keep myself hydrated. It also discourages me from grabbing a snack because it helps keep me feeling full. 

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    As one of the things women can expect in their first trimester of pregnancy is morning sickness and nausea, it’s even more important that they have their fill of water to prevent dehydration-related complications such as oedema and cramps. I recommend Absolute pure distilled drinking water because it’s the only brand in the Philippines that has received the a certification from NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International, for passing the strictest of safety and cleanliness standards.

    Available at supermarkets for P8.56* (350 ml) and P18.43* (1 liter)


    A comfortable sleeping pillow

    BackJoy Posture Sleep

    I truly considered it a blessing when I received my very own BackJoy, a revolutionary product that helps correct your posture while alleviating recurrent back pain. Having been diagnosed with scoliosis, I knew what it meant to get a massage at least once every two weeks just to soothe back pains. 

    As we all know, with a pregnant woman’s changing body, the toll of additional weight can take a toll on her body, especially her back. Thankfully, products such as BackJoy’s Posture Sleep pillow, mechanically patented not only promote a more comfortable way of resting for expectant women but also supports their sleeping posture, providing back pain relief. I also love how it has a warm plush side and a cool smooth side depending on what you need that night. It’s a wise investment as it’s used daily and it helps prevent further posture-related complications that can cost thousands in medication or treatment.


    Available at for P5990* at BackJoy kiosks in SM North EDSA, Robinsons Place Manila, Flight 001, R.O.X., Runnr, Toby’s and in The Travel Club


    A self-adjusting bra


    It was only about two months ago when I discovered that all this time I had been wearing the wrong bra size. Apparently, the perfect fit does not rely on the adjustment of your bra strap bur rather the 

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    Even before an expectant woman gives birth, her breasts already start growing in size to prepare itself for breastfeeding. Some women have to buy several sizes bigger when they become pregnant because of the change. Since preggy women are more sensitive to discomfort, an ideal bra is a must. And Spanx’s Brallelujah bra provides comfort and the beauty of a self-adjusting design to keep up with the rapid change in breast size, while hiding back fat. It uses soft cups without hooks or adjusters. 


    Available for P2700* at Rustan’s Department Stores in Makati, Shangri-La Plaza



    California Baby SPF 30 sunscreen stick

    A few months ago, I consulted a dermatologist about how to pick the right SPF level for your skin. With the sun’s rays growing harsher with the effects of global warming, sunscreen is a must-have. The trick? The SPF numbers, apart from the layers of protection from the sun, are also actually an indicator of how often you have to reapply. For instance, SPF 15 actually means you have to re-apply after 150 minutes, so that’s two hours and 30 minutes of protection. 

    Because hormones during pregnancy may make your skin more sensitive than usual, it’s best to use sunscreen that is chemical-free. The California Baby SPF30 sunscreen stick, for instance, is a safe bet, as it uses organic ingredients and even works well as a good cover-up under foundation or powder. 

    Available for P900* at Rustan’s, Beauty Bar, and online at babyshop.ph



    Nausea-busting sweets


    I always have gum or candy in my bag, because it’s a helpful pick-me-upper when I’m doing field work or running errands. I also look forward to the sugar rush to boost my energy in the middle of my day. 

    Preggy women, on the other hand, have to experience the dreadful morning sickness and could use the help of something that alleviates the unwelcome feeling of dizziness. 

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    I happen to love Gingerbon Ginger Sweets and it just so happens that the taste of ginger is a fantastic way to beat queasiness associated with morning sickness.

    Available for P8* at supermarkets and drugstores

    Photo from spot.ph


    Fragrance-free soap

    Human Nature Cleansing Bar


    If there’s one brand that I have gotten fond of, it’s Human Nature. Not only is it a local brand, it makes it a point to use all-natural ingredients, making them a safer alternative when it comes to beauty or even home care products.

    Pregnancy making women more sensitive to all kinds of scents, having a fragrance-free soap such as the Human Nature Cleansing Bar is a definite plus. Bathing doesn’t become an uncomfortable experience and gently moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

    Available for P59.75 via humanheartnature.com 


    Heating Pad

    heating pad

    I love it when I discover stores selling cute novelty items, especially when they have adorable animal-themed designs. Recently, I stumbled upon Kenko World store in Robinson’s Forum. 

    I bought this to-die-for panda heating pad and it’s perfect for soothing the body of aches and pains. Even pregnant women can benefit from these nifty tools that can work both hot or cold. Just bend the metallic disc inside the pad for heat that can last for as long as two hours.


    Available for P30 at Kenko World stores in Robinson’s Forum and Robinson’s Galleria. Photo by Lai de Guzman


    Cream for stretch marks

    Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Cream

    I think it’s safe to say that stretch marks are the bane of anyone’s existence. Whether due to great weight loss or giving birth, they can get rather unsightly because of the unevenness of the skin. 

    Thankfully, expectant women don’t need to worry as much as long as they use a cream during the entire length and after their pregnancy. The Mustela double-action stretch marks cream helps improve the skin’s elasticity, as well as fades existing stretch marks while preventing new ones from forming. 

    Available for P1750 at Mustela-selling stores nationwide. For a complete list of these stores, try mustela.ph’s store locator.

    *Prices are subject to change.

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