• 9 Signs that Tell You There's a Kid in the House

    They say that a mom always has sticky floors. We enlist other things that indicate the presence of little humans in the house
    by Mariel Uyquiengco .
  • Having children changes our lives, from our career preferences down to fashion style. Our homes are also imprinted with our children’s presence everywhere. Try as we might to keep things tidy and clean, kids will always have a run of our homes.

    Real moms share about how their kids make their indelible presence felt in their homes. “You know there’s a kid in your house when...”

    1. "...there are scribbles everywhere" – Kat Santiago


    Photo by Rina de Alban


    2. "...there are toys in the weirdest places around the house" – Ria Cortez


    Photo by Joy Lojo


    3. "...there is a parking lot inside the house" – Zhiel Doria

    Photo by Zhiel Doria


    4. "...you hear adults singing Hi5 and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs" – Zhiel Doria


    Photo from hi5tv.wikia.com

    5. "...there are fairy and princess stickers on the TV, computer monitor, closet, and drawers" – Cym Marzan


    Photo from wayfair.com


    6. "...75% of the bedroom is occupied by their toys" – Jai Clemente


    Photo by Jai Clemente

    7. "...there are makeshift partitions to keep your baby safe" – Winlove Saquilayan


    8. "...you're always ready for a pancake breakfast" - Mariel Uyquiengco

    pancake mix

    Photo from budgetsavvydiva.com

    9. "...you have more children’s video and audio CDs than you care to know – Mariel Uyquiengco



    What about you, what can you add to the list?

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