• How to Turn your Bathroom into your Private Spa

    It's possible to recreate a small piece of spa heaven in your home, with these tips.
    by Christine Rojas-Lavina .
  • 4. Add towels.


    Thick and soft towels are a must-have, preferably in plain white or beige. But don’t just leave them lying around. Roll them up and store them in a basket or stack them on top of each other for an added visual appeal.

    Photo from eureco.com.au

    5. Throw in a diffuser.

    A bathroom that looks and smells relaxing is important. Scent diffusers are a great way to keep that vibe, somewhat permanently, in the air. Unlike candles, which you cannot leave unattended, diffusers do not have flames or smoke. It is also very pretty to look at.

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    6. Soak it in.

    Body Shop Body Scrub

    If you have a bath tub at home, lucky you! Surround yourself with an array of bath salts and soaks and bubble baths. You can take the visual experience a notch higher by placing them in glass jars with DIY labels and displaying them nicely near your tub.

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