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  • 6 Tips for Decorating Your Child's Bedroom

    Revamp your child's bedroom with these tips from an expert
  • Kid's bedroom

    Redecorating your child’s room can feel a bit daunting. Where do you start? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Interior designer Michelle Dumlao-Pastoral gives her insight on a few things you need to know before you pick up that paintbrush.

    1. Think about your child’s hobbies and interests

    Kid's bedroom

    Keep your child in mind before and during the whole decorating process. The goal is, after all, to create a well-designed space that’s fit for him, his hobbies and his favorite things.

    “For example, my son Coby loves cars and he loves to read books. With this in mind, I want to design his room with a race track theme. I'd have to invest in a display shelf for his cars and books,” said Michelle.

    2. Prepare a concept board

    Kid's bedroom


    It’s best to already know what sort of furniture and over-all theme you want the room to have. Michelle said not to forget to include your child in the planning stage as well. “Find different pictures of furniture pieces and home accessories that will be used in the bedroom. This will help you get more input from your child, especially for the younger ones who understand more when ideas are discussed with visual aids.”

    For this bedroom, interior designer Mike Suqui chose furniture, decor, and details perfect for the princess of the home.

    3. Designate areas for every task

    Kids' bedroom

    “A child's bedroom should have areas for sleeping, studying, and playing. Separating the spaces will help teach your child to clean, organize, and stay focused.

    “Although this bedroom in an Antipolo home is comparatively small, the three essential areas are clearly defined,” she said.

    4. Invest in the right pieces

    Kid's bedroom

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    Based on the concept board you’ve made, plan a budget on how much you want to spend on furniture, soft furnishings, storage, décor, etc.

    “Make a list of what you already have and what you can spend on. For example, you should invest in a crib that can be turned into a bed as your child grows and a high-quality mattress. However, you might still be able to reuse your side tables and other accessories,” added Michelle.

    5. Think about the storage

    Kids' bedroom

    “If you don't have any built-in cabinets, you can think about creative storage solutions. In this bedroom, I used a secondhand wooden chest from a thrift store as a bedside table. I also furnished the space with a custom-made toy chest that looks like the Titanic.”

    6. Keep safety in mind

    Kid's bedroom


    It is best to stay away from furniture pieces that are made from glass or have sharp edges, especially if the room is for a younger child. Michelle also said to make sure that cabinet hinges are correctly installed and are heavy-duty. They should also be easy enough for your child to open and close.

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