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  • 10 More Ways to Save this Summer

    More practical ways to stretch your family budget
    by Emilie N. Lucena .
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    Saving money should be a year-round habit, but summertime can bring some unique opportunities for moms to save a bit more.  You don’t have to be a penny-pincher, but these tips will guarantee some extra cash to add to your family savings this month of May.

    1. Spring clean and hold a garage sale.
    We often accumulate things we don’t need and they end up filling our closets. The endless clutter can give us unwanted stress as well. Schedule an afternoon this month to go through all your things and ask yourself if you really need it.  Start with your clothes and sort them into three piles: clothes you use, clothes that need repairs, clothes to give away.  Do the same with your other belongings and get the help of family members, then hold a garage sale!  All unsold items can be donated to charitable institutions.  

    2. Cut your electricity costs.
    Cleaning your aircon filters will greatly help your air-conditioning units function more efficiently, and summer is the best time to do it. If you have a huge electric bill, try considering Meralco’s POP program.  Their Peak/Off-Peak (POP) program allows you to avail of its alternative pricing scheme where you are charged less during off-peak hours (generally during the evenings and on Sundays), so you can plan for the best time to use your appliances.  

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    3. Indulge in cold showers.
    It’s scorching hot outside and a blast of cold water is the perfect way to cool off. Showering for less than ten minutes will not only lessen your water costs but help save Mother Earth too! Have access to a pool? A swim will not only be refreshing but is also good exercise.  


    4. Hold a barbecue.
    Who says you can’t have fun and save at the same time? Summer is a good time for a fun barbecue get-together with close friends. Sharing the food helps lessen the cost, but certainly does not diminish the fun memories one can build with sharing stories with friends. Make it a doubly fun event by holding a swap party where each one brings something unused to give away.

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