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3 Babyproofing Hacks You Need To Know
  • Nothing beats the curiosity of kids—they tend to wander around the house: picking up things, playing with home items, and crawling into the smallest of corners. Unfortunately, sometimes they end up hurting themselves by accident. 

    If it's possible, parents would keep an eye on their kids all the time. However, since we all have work and activities to juggle, we depend on babyproofing must-haves to keep the home a safe and secure place for the young ones. 
    Hiring someone to babyproof your home can be expensive but don't let a limited budget stop you from creating a comfortable environment for your baby. Consider these DIY ideas that you can work on using materials that are found at home:


    Babyproofing hack #1 Photo from Baby Center via Pinterest

    To prevent kids from opening doors and cabinets, you need to find a way to keep the doors locked. If you don't want to purchase plastic stoppers, you can use cookie cutters as an alternative. It does the job exactly the same! 



    Babyproofing hack #2Photo from A Bird and A Bean via Pinterest

    If you must keep a door open, find a way to stop it from snapping shut. Avoid squished fingers with pool noodles—you can cut these in half or into four, and placed on doors as shown in the photo. If you don't want it to clash with your decor, try finding neutral-colored noodles or something that would blend in with your home's color scheme.


    Babyproofing hack #3
    Photo from Life As A Thrifter

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    If you have stairs at home, you've probably seen your kids attempt to climb or fit themselves through the gaps of the railing. Prevent mishaps with DIY baby gates—you can experiment with sturdy fabric and attach with the help of grommets, hooks, and sturdy rope. It will provide enough protection so your baby can roam around freely. 

    You can start working on this baby gate project today! Click here for the complete guide.

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