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  • 3 Gross Mistakes You Make When Cleaning the Toilet Bowl

    Are you guilty of making these cleaning mistakes? Here’s what to do instead.
  • Do you know one of the biggest reasons why children get sick every year, causing them to miss school? Disease-causing germs found in unsanitary toilets! Make sure cleanliness starts at home by regularly cleaning the toilet. The job has to be done right, though. The bowl may look clean but is it germ-free? Avoid doing the following common mistakes in order to effectively clean and disinfect your toilet bowl.

    You clean with your bare hands

    Getting dry and irritated skin is the least of our worries. We are allowing germs to come in contact with your skin and passing it on to your family when you don't have protection for your hands. Wear thick rubber gloves every time you clean the toilet bowl.

    You use the same cleaning tools to scrub different surfaces

    It’s like sharing a toothbrush with a stranger or using the same sponge for the dishes and the floor. Disgusting, right? When you use the same toilet brush to clean the bathroom floor, wall, or the sink, you're actually spreading more dirt and bad bacteria around the entire room. Invest in a good set of cleaning tools, so you're sure of effectively getting rid of disease-causing germs.

    You place a used wet toilet brush back in its holder

    Most people tend to return the toilet brush back in its holder right after cleaning the bowl, thinking it's as good as clean. However, stashing it right away is a bad habit. A moist environment is a breeding ground for all sorts of bad bacteria. After using your toilet brush, leave it in a corner and let it air dry before placing it back in its holder.

    Here's how you get the job right:

    Do use the right cleaning product

    A laundry detergent effectively cleans dirty clothes and sheets. Your toilet bowl deserves a product specifically formulated clean it. Try Domex, which has Active Green Formula that clings to the toilets surface longer, killing all sickness-causing germs. (Always read the label and instructions before using).

    Do disinfect the entire toilet bowl

    The insides of the bowl and the seat aren't the only areas you should regularly scrub clean. The toilet lid, the base, flush handle or button, and the inside of the tank require the same attention, too, because they harbor more bad bacteria. If you tend to forget to clean these parts, make it a point to scrub them first.

    Do follow a 'Z' cleaning motion

    Wiping a dirty surface from side to side is not an effective cleaning method. You're just moving the dirt around. Always start from the top and wipe in a Z motion so you clean each area evenly.

    Don't scrub too hard

    A good scrub is, well, good, but overdoing it might scratch the protective surface sealant on the porcelain or plastic. Once dirt and germs get trapped in between the scratches, deep-seated stains can appear on the surface of your toilet bowl. Apply a moderate amount of pressure when using your tools with a product. Domex has a thick consistency that works instantly, so you don’t have to scrub too hard.

    Don't clean in a rush

    We know cleaning can get in the way of your busy day-to-day schedule. But when you scrub the toilet bowl too quickly, chances are you'll miss nooks and crannies. If you regularly clean the commode, it shouldn't take too long. If you stick to once-a-week cleaning schedule, you can cut cleaning the toilet down to less than an hour.

    Remember to always effectively and thoroughly clean your toilet bowl, so your child won't come into contact with sickness-causing germs and miss school. Join Domex on their #1MCleanToilets movement by helping spread the word on the importance of proper toilet sanitation.


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