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  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents At Home

    These cute and charming greens can liven up any area at home.
3 Reasons Why You Should Grow Succulents At Home
  • Photo from milivanily/Pixabay.com

    More and more people are taking up gardening as a hobby. And if you ask some of them what type of plants they have in their gardens, they will most likely reply with herbs and succulents.

    During her workshop at this year's Real Living Space, Joanne Bohol of Black Thumb MNL shared a few insights on why these greens are perfect for the home. If you're ready to take care of your first potted plant, here are reasons why you should opt for succulents:

    1. They are easy to care for

    succulents Photo by Dairy Darilag. Styling by Dagny Madamba and Paula de Guzman

    If you've recently moved into a new home or condo unit, succulents are the best options to liven up the space since it can survive a bit of neglect, according to Joanne. They can be placed indoors and outdoors, too! Since succulents store water in their stems, you only need to water them once a week. Always be on the lookout for signs of overwatering such as mushy portions and wilted, shriveled leaves.


    2. They can be propagated from their leaves
    Succulents can be grown again from their own cuttings! “When you pluck out the leaves of succulents, just [make] sure that you get all of them. 'Wag yung [may] matitira or mababali,” says Joanne.If you want to grow more succulents at home, Joanne shares that you can work with a bed of moist soil where you can lay the cuttings. "After a month or two, they will develop leaves, until they can be transferred to their own pots," she explains.

    3. They can spruce up a space

    succulentsPhoto by Paolo Feliciano

    “Noong unang panahon succulents were considered as exchange gifts ng mga tita or lola natin. But now, it’s so nice to see that a lot of people are embracing them and using them for their homes,” says Joanne. If you think that your kitchen is a bit dull, place two or more potted succulents by the windowsill. You can even use different quirky planters to serve as accents. Be creative when it comes to displaying your lovely plants.

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