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  • Have you ever stepped on small blocks? How about slipping on a toy car? Do you feel like organizing toys is a never-ending process?

    Organizing the playroom can be a daunting task and it can be extra difficult if your kids own lots of toys and you have less storage space to work with. Most of us think that it's impossible to keep it clutter-free, but we think otherwise. Here are simple solutions that can help you tuck away toys in style and teach your kids a thing or two in the process: 


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    Photo from Mamabee

    If you have a lot of stuffed animals, try building a toy hammock. Aside from not taking up floor space, it can hold a lot of things depending on the size of your material. Accomplish this project using a thick cloth or old quilt, a sturdy rope, and wall hooks.

    For the kids:
    The swing can be a setting for tea parties or story time—a way for you to encourage their imagination! 




    Playroom Neat RL 2
    Photo from Just Real Moms via Pinterest.

    For toy cars and trucks, you can install magnetic strips on the wall.  It can help you keep track of your kids' collection. As a bonus, it also doubles as decor for the room! 

    For the kids:
    It's a great way to help them practice counting! 



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    Photo from An Inviting Home.

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     To make sure that all toys have a designated spot, you can print out photo labels and stick them to the plastic baskets (as seen in photo). This way, you'll know if you're about to run out of storage or if it's time to declutter. 

    For the kids:
    Having to figure out where to put a toy back and matching pictures can help develop their memory.

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