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  • 3 Tips on Displaying Your Kids' Artworks

    Create a charming exhibit without overcrowding your walls.
  • kids artwork on display

    Little ones love to explore and express themselves through art. We're sure that your kids love to draw and color as well! Aside from making sure that your home is a safe place for your kids, you also need to create a space where they can do their hobbies.

    You can easily update the look of your home by displaying their artworks. Let these handy hints guide and inspire you:



    1. Create a balanced look
    Don't display all of their works at once. Limit the number of drawings to avoid a cluttered area. If you're placing it on the door of your refrigerator, you can work with two pieces. You can also frame their works and display around three to four in the living area or bedroom.  

    kids artwork on display



    2. Ask for their inputs
    A good way to find out which pieces to display is to ask your kids. Since it’s their masterpiece, you can involve them in the whole process of framing. They can also suggest spaces where the artworks can be displayed.

    kids artwork on the table


    3. Take photos of their work
    You may also take photos of your kids' works and have these printed. Once you have the prints, you can use it to spruce up a wall or have the photos framed and displayed in their bedroom.



    RL Tip: How about giving your kids' artworks as gifts? There's nothing sweeter than receiving a piece with a special and personal touch. Encourage your kids to give some of their works as gifts to their ninongs, ninangs, lolos, and lolas!


    Photos by Dairy Darilag. Styling by Tala Singson. Sittings Editor: Dagny Madamba. Shot on location at Pottery Barn Kids. 


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