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4 (Very) Basic Home Repair Skills Every Mom Must Know
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  • Whether you’ve just moved into a new house, apartment or condo unit, having your own place entails having to learn basic maintenance tasks. Trust us, rent or owned, it eventually require occasional repairs. 

    From doing damage control to upgrading a room, having these home improvement skills under your belt may come in handy while helping you save money along the way! Check out these four tips that can help keep your dwelling in tip-top shape:

    1. Replacing a showerhead. 


    Showerheads can become old and out-of-date with time. To change it, start by removing the existing showerhead and laying thread seal tape at the base of the shower arm before screwing in the new piece. Don't fasten it too tightly as this can cause the arm to break—make sure to turn it slowly but surely!

    2. Fix leaking faucets.

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    Stop that steady drip before it gets worse! Begin by turning off the main water source and blocking the drain with an old rag to avoid losing screws while disassembling the faucet. For washerless faucets, you might have to invest in a brand new O-ring while a new rubber washer is needed to seal the valve for compression faucets.

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    3. Erasing scratches off of hardwood floors.  


    Hardwood floors are one of the most desirable features of a home as quality parquet gives the impression that your property is of high value. As an instant remedy to light scratches, consider filling it up with wax or acrylic floor polish to avoid damaging the wood further.

    4. Unclogging a toilet.


    Got a clogged toilet on your hands? All you need is a plunger, rubber gloves, and a bucket. If that doesn’t work, you can always grab an auger to finish the job. Don’t forget to check if the bowl is in danger of overflowing—if so, consider shutting off your main water source first.  

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