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  • 4 Steps to Have a Super Yaya

    Make yaya your wingman in successfully juggling work and home.
    by Tisha C. Bautista .
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    Read on to learn more steps on how to have a super yaya.


    Step 2: Create a system that works.
    The efficiency of any system depends on its use and relevance. Is it simple to follow? Is it flexible enough to adapt to change? Below is a four-pronged plan of action within a sample scenario for you to experiment on.

    Sample Scenario: A play date at home for your three-year-old child

    Plan of Action:
    1. Organize. Clarity of thought breeds clarity of action. Think about and decide on the following specifics:
    •    Logistics & guest list: At this point, one must be clear on the number of playmates coming over, their ages and gender as well as their designated general play area and time of play. Also consider how many mothers or yayas will attend. Make sure to select an area that is large enough to accommodate everyone, is well lit, and is properly ventilated
    •    Food: One must also decide, depending on time allotted, what and how much to serve the guests. Generally, play dates are done in the late afternoon, so a light snack is usually offered. Pick food that is healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare. Safe utensils should always be used.
    •    Setting: Provide toys and activities that are age-appropriate for your playgroup. Classical music or nursery rhymes can be used to soothe children as well.
    •    Time management: Be aware that there are other activities going on simultaneous to this visit. Try to adjust other activities accordingly without completely disrupting everybody’s schedule.
    •    Emergency numbers/contacts: This is a very important reminder. Be sure to clearly list down all relevant contact numbers as well as the nearby medical and emergency facilities for all the members of your play date.

    2.    Verbalize and communicate. Leave simple and accurate instructions for your staff.
    •    Create a to-do list for your staff:  For a working mother, a play date cannot run efficiently if staffers have no written reminders of all that needs to be done. Make sure that they have a list to aid them in this endeavor.
    •    Explain the list clearly: To ensure under-standing, discuss each item on your to-do list with your staff. Questions are highly encouraged to allow you to detect your staff’s train of thought.
    •    Assign and delegate:  Divvy up the tasks such as
           o    Food assignments
           o    Clean-up duty
           o    Contingency plans: Every staffer should be aware of the Big Picture, the general overall plan for the activity. This way, they can work as a team to make the day as enjoyable as possible. No one will be left in the dark.



    Click here to learn more steps on how to have a super yaya.

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