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5 Creative Christmas Trees You Can Recreate At Home
  • The Christmas tree holds a special place at home, which is why some set up theirs as early as September. What's the color of your tree? Green has been a popular choice for years but many homeowners have experimented with different colors such as white, orange, and pink!

    If you want to take things to a whole new level this year, you may want to have a DIY Christmas tree! This is a fun activity that you and your family can work on together. To make it easier for you to decide on a theme, why not consider the things you love? Take inspiration from these quirky projects:

    For those who love to keep things organized

    Christmas tree organizedPhoto from Decoholic.


    This project may be a bit difficult to accomplish but once you're done, we're sure that you'll give yourself a pat on the back! The idea is to stack and attach baskets onto a wooden pallet. Adorn it with a few greens and garlands—voila! Instant Christmas tree with containers. You can keep the gifts in the different baskets. After the holidays, you can retain the piece and place it in the kitchen to hold ingredients and condiments.

    For the book lover

    Christmas tree booksPhoto from Family Sponge via Decozilla.


    Show your love for books by using your favorite hardbound copies to create a lovely tree. Stack them up to your preferred height. Make sure that it is balanced—create a strong base with the thickest books. Once done, you can spruce it up with string lights and place pinecones on top.

    For the fashion maven

    Christmas tree fashionPhoto from The Mannequin Madness Blog.


    Since you're always updated when it comes to fashion trends and what's in and out, why not craft a stylish tree using a dress form? Dress it up with faux leaves, a few colorful balls, and ribbons! Display it in the living area to serve as conversation piece.

    For the one who loves to cook

    Christmas tree spoonsPhoto from Hometalk.


    This holiday season, why not take a break from all the cooking and baking? No need to worry as this activity still involves kitchen utensils! Repurpose plastic spoons and create a spoon Christmas tree! It will be a certified hit with your guests. Click here for the complete guide.

    For the minimalist

    Christmas tree lightsPhoto from A Merry Mishap Blog.


    Liven up a plain wall by using string lights as your "tree." Fix the lights so that it will resemble the shape of a tree. If you have a limited area at home, this is also an ideal choice as it won't take up floor space.


    This article originally appeared in RealLiving.com.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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