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5 DIY Gift Tag Ideas You Can Use This Christmas
  • Aside from chic gift-wrapping ideas, you can make your presents special this year by adding personalized gift tags. With a few materials that are available in bookstores, you can make your own tags! Depending on the look that you have in mind, you can work with colorful sharpies, illustration boards, and washi tapes.

    Gather your materials and consider working on any of these fun ideas:


    Paint swatches

    DIY Gift tags 1
    Photo from Samelia's Mum.


    Do you still have the paint color samples from your last visit to the hardware store? Simply cut these into interesting shapes and use it as tags. Since these are already colorful, you can pair it with plain or solid-colored wrappers.


    Illustration boards

    DIY Gift tags 2
    Photo from Rust & Sunshine.

    If your child has extra boards from previous projects, cut it into stars or in the shape of a Christmas stocking. Use colorful chalk when writing the name of your friend or loved one.

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    Washi tape

    DIY Gift tags 3
    Photo from A Spoonful of Sugar.

    A plain tag can be extra special with a few strips of washi tape. Choose washi tape with interesting prints or lively colors like red, white, green, and gold.


    Sharpie pen

    DIY Gift tags 4Photo from Hey Look Blog.


     If you love doodling and scribbling, you can create your own designs—simply draw these on recycled paper and you're good to go! You may want to write your friend's favorite quote or song lyric too! They can keep the gift tag as souvenir.

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     DIY Gift tags 5Photo from Mommysavers.

    Your gift tags can be repurposed into wall art or bookmark! Simply print out photos of your friends (stalk their Facebook page or Instagram account for snapshots that you can use!) then stick it to a cardboard for a personalized tag. Complete the look with lovely ribbons.




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