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  • Welcoming a new baby in the family is always exciting, but what if there is no other nursery waiting for your little bundle of joy?

    Let's face it. With the rise of small homes, it can be challenging to find a proper sleeping space for the young ones. This is probably why a lot of homeowners opt to create a space that they can share with the kids. To help you carve out a cozy and comfortable space for them, we've rounded up some ideas that won't make your master bedroom feel like it's been taken over by diapers and milk bottles. 



    Transform an unused nook in your bedroom into a full nursery with a custom-made crib that fits in the available space. You can also add a chest of drawers for the baby's belongings and create a makeshift changing station over it. 


    Open up a medium-sized room with a fresh coat of pastel-colored paint. Combine different shades of pink, blue, and light gray to help keep it gender-neutral. Feel free to add a rug to create the illusion of division between your space and the baby's.  



    If a simple rug doesn't cut it and you want something that gives a little more privacy, you can hang a set of thin drapes. You can even go as far as experimenting with themed decor--consider styling the grown-up area with monochrome pieces while you can go for more colorful ones on the other.



    For those who have a soft spot for Scandinavian-inspired decor, consider going for a minimalist aesthetic. Keep it streamlined with a wooden crib, a small shelf for essentials, and a lot of white accessories. 



    If you're forced to work with a small space, you can still create a designated space for your young ones with a DIY canopy and dainty wall decals. Stick to using neutrals and variations of cream to help make the space appear larger than it really is. 

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