5 Mistakes You Make When You Buy Appliances

These lapses cost you so much more in the long run.

It's always exciting to buy new appliances for your home. But do you take the time to study the different brands available, consider the pros and cons, or examine the prices before you actually make a purchase?

If you're guilty of not assessing all your options before making a choice, you're not alone—other moms are also guilty of making this mistake. Here are a couple more things you might have overlooked.

You didn't do your research.

Once you have decided on which appliance you need, get some general information about it. Find which brand is best for you. Do you already have a brand in mind? Check for reviews online. You can also ask mommy friends if they have any feedback or other recommendations. Do they have it in their home? How was it when they used it? 

Take the time to go window shopping—ask friendly sales associates to walk you through each brand and style so you know which one would work best for your home.

You bought an appliance that won't actually fit your home.

Buying an item is one thing, but getting it inside the house is another. Make sure to measure your space first, and confirm whether there is indeed enough room to accommodate your new purchase. Ask an expert to take accurate measurements of the unit from doorframes, hallways, and staircases to know how you'll be able to get the appliance through narrow doorways or steep stairs during the scheduled delivery.

Measuring the size of the room is also a must, especially when it comes to buying air conditioning. Your aircon units should be properly sized according to the room you are cooling.

You purchased an appliance with extra requirements.

Cooktops that bring out a huge amount of steam obviously require an exhaust fan. Also, a washing machine that can rattle the entire room while drying your clothes may also require some reinforcement on your house flooring. Opt for an appliance that does the job without the need for "add-ons."

You forgot to prepare for repair.

Services may vary by brand and location. Do keep the contact details of after-sales personnel who can do the service for you without the hassle. 

You didn't take into account the amount of electricity an appliance would consume.

We Filipinos are penny-pinchers when it comes to our monthly electricity bills, but we tend to forget about the appliances' energy efficiency. Our lack of awareness on this means we sometimes get shocked come payment time. 

Check out the tables below to see how much electricity your appliances would consume, depending on the type, brand, and size.

What's more, you now have more control of the family's electric consumption with the help of the Meralco Orange Tag. It's an easy-to-understand label that provides the estimated consumption of a certain appliance and the corresponding peso equivalent. The tag helps Filipinos become more responsible and empowered consumers who are able to make smart decisions when it comes to managing the household's electric consumption.

Thanks to the information on the Meralco Orange Tag, customers are encouraged to consider not just brand and price, but also the cost of operating an appliance, before making a purchase. You get the best item at a reasonable cost, ensuring ultimate comfort and efficiency for the whole household. Don't forget to look for the Meralco Orange Tag when you go appliance shopping. You can also visit Meralco's website for more details. 




This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Meralco.