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  • 5 Movies that Teach Children Values

    Mom and contributor Teachermama Tina Rodriguez shares personal favorites when it comes to family-friendly movies that impart moral lessons and teach values.
    by Teachermama Tina Rodriguez .
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  • If your family is anything like ours, you would probably count “family movie nights” (or afternoons) as one of the ways to have bonding time with your kids. However, not all movies are considered “family-friendly” nowadays, even if their target audience is children.

    For those who are selective about the kind of movies their children watch (like me), or on the lookout for movies that teach kids about values, here are five recommended movies for your viewing.

    These are just five of many family-friendly movies out there. Ultimately though, parents should have the final say regarding their children’s viewing time and choice of movies (and TV shows). Before selecting a movie for your family movie time, it is advisable to view each movie on your own, without the kids, to make sure that it does not contain any material or scenes that are inappropriate for your children.

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