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5 Organizing Tips For Kiddie Playrooms
  • Photo from Useful Beautiful Home via Pinterest

    The playroom is a special place in the house where your kids can play, learn, and enjoy some fun time. However, given their toys and other essentials, it is left in disarray. You can still create a comfortable space while keeping clutter at bay.

    Let these organizing solutions help you create a space that your kids will surely love.

    Opt for freestanding shelves

    kids room free-standing shelves


    Don't leave toys and other items lying around the space. Keep these things organized by displaying them properly on shelves. If you're saving on floor space, you can install wall-mounted shelves instead.

    Keep the shelves stylish by arranging items by height or color.

    Pick clear storage bins

    Clear containers will make it easier for you and your kids to see the items stored inside. Stack identical bins in one corner and make sure you add proper labels. This will also teach your kids to return their toys where they got them.

    Keep must-haves accessible

    kids room shelves


    Make sure that your kids won't have a hard time getting their toys and essentials. You may place the storage boxes under the bed or in one corner of the room. It may even serve as a makeshift coffee table.

    Prepare catchalls 

    Does your kid love keeping small collectibles? You can keep toy cars and accessories organized using catchalls. These catchalls can be placed on the shelves as accent pieces.

    Add colorful storage accents 

    Your storage essentials can also serve as accents to the room. You may assign one colored bin to a set of things. For example, the blue box can be reserved for toys while the red one can be for books.


    Photo by Vincent Coscolluela.


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