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5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Stove
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  • Sure, it may be expensive to buy a new stove, but it may be more expensive to have it repaired. Here are a few signs to take note of which may or may not require you to dole out cash for a replacement unit.

    1. Burners or hot plates don't heat up properly.
    Whether it’s a gas or electric stove, the burner is the most important element on your cooktop. For those using gas, if the flame it produces is no longer blue or flickers or sparks from blue to red to yellow, clean the grates and the burner caps. It may be that some particles are causing the flame to flare. However, if your stovetop is clean and the flame is still not burning blue, it may be time for repairs or, at worst, a replacement.

    For electric and ceramic stoves, the coils should turn a bright red when turned on High. If not, check for rust or other signs of corrosion that could be inhibiting it. For induction stoves, place your induction-ready cookware with a little water in it on top of the hot plate. If the water doesn’t come to a boil in a few minutes, it may be malfunctioning. Consult your manual to troubleshoot just in case it’s a problem that could be easily solved. Otherwise, a replacement may be your next step.

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    2. You smell gas.
    Gas has additives in it that makes it easy to smell, which is your first indication that there might be a leak somewhere between the gas tank and the stove. Do not turn on your stove. Instead, immediately turn off the gas tank and then open the kitchen windows. Check the tubing connecting the gas tank and your stove, and attach and reattach the regulator and tubes properly.

    If you still smell gas when you turn on the gas tank, it might either be time to replace either the tubes and its attachments, or the stove if the leak is coming from there.

    3. The control panel doesn't work.
    The control panel of electric stoves is probably the most expensive part of the stove to have replaced. When buttons no longer work or malfunction when pressed, preventing you from cooking properly on the stove, opt for a replacement. It may definitely be less expensive than replacing the part.

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    4. There's a crack on the surface.
    If your electric stove has a tempered glass top and there’s a crack, there’s no way around that. Get a replacement. It won’t be safe to cook on anymore.

    5. It doesn't turn on.
    Gas stoves that don’t turn on may have faulty spark igniters. Easily remedy this with a gas lighter. On electric stoves, check the wiring. Any loose wiring may be a fire hazard and should be fixed immediately prior to use. Broken wiring, where the wires have been severed, should be replaced immediately and may require either a replacement or a new unit. Consult your manufacturer for their recommendations.

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