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5 Signs You Need to Declutter Your Home
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  • Whether we admit it or not, we all dread long decluttering sessions—it can be tedious to go through countless stacks of things that we've accumulated over the years and sorting them into Donate-Keep-Trash piles. However, no matter how much we try to put it off, it's something we have to do eventually (or for others, as soon as possible). Here are the tell-tale signs you need to chuck some things in the trash: 

    1. You have a whole room devoted to storage.
    Whether you're utilizing your garage or renting a storage unit, if you have an entire room dedicated to keeping things you never use, it's probably time to toss some of your belongings out. 

    2. Alternatively, you wish you had a room that you could devote to storage.
    If you can't walk around your house without avoiding furniture or stuffed China cabinets, you might have to let go of a few pieces. 

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    3. You cannot use the furniture as it is intended to be used because it is used as storage.
    Do you have a chair in your bedroom that you use as a makeshift clothesrack? Is your work desk filled with tall stacks of papers? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, consider blocking a few hours on your schedule to reorganize your closet and get work done! 

    4.  You cannot find what you need in less than 5 minutes.
    If you have to dig through piles of clothing to grab something you want to wear or rearrange towers of paperback copies for something you want to read, consider giving some away to those who can appreciate it better. 

    5.  You keep everything from your trips and important events but you never look back on them. 
    There's nothing wrong with keeping souvenirs as they remind us of good times, but if you can't associate something with an important memory—it's time to part ways with it. 

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