5 Signs You're Ready to Move Out of Your Parent's Home

Thinking of finally moving out of your parents' home or your in-laws'? Here are tell-tale signs that you and your hubby are ready.

In a culture where closely knit family ties are common, new couples don't raise eyebrows in society when they decide to live with their parents after getting married. In reality, leaving your parent's nest with your new family is a huge step. When you find that you and your partner are truly ready for it, it's a major decision worth taking. But how do you truly know when you're ready to move out? Check out these telltale signs:

The move marks a personal milestone

You may be signifying your preferred location for living because of you and your family's work, education, and lifestyle situation, or literally building a nest (i.e. a baby is on the way and you need to set up the stage for an independent family unit). Making a move to have your own home separate from your parents can mean many things and even be symbolic for a personal milestone.

It's more than just an emotional decision for you

An article in the New York Times outlined the immensity of emotions involved in moving or relocating. You may already be entering a new phase in your life as a couple where the old way of doing things and the dynamics of your parents’ home no longer makes sense. When you can already objectively consider your decision to move out as a practical one aside from being an emotional one, you are ready.

Additional privacy and setting your own rules has become an urgent need

Living with parents has the perks of saving up on a lot of overhead expenses. But it inherently comes with maintaining your parents’ house rules. It will eventually become invasive for you to continue. Your own starting family may want to set its own routines, rules, and traditions especially in light of raising kids. If you are contemplating these things, this is a tell tale sign that you are ready to move out.

You're setting out and holding your own as a family unit, internally and externally

Environmental planners believe that a very common Asian part of culture is that a home is not just a physical place but a reflection of who you are. Moving out is forging your own path, developing your own personal tastes, and becoming your own separate family unit. It does not mean that you disown your parents. In fact, the separation is meant for you to become a better adult and parent.

In the case of couples moving out of their parents' home, it can help you both form your own rules, build your own family structure and get to know each other better. Moving out will allow you the independence that you need as a couple.

You've counted the cost

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