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  • 5 Tips for Kid-Friendly Closets

    Create an efficient space for your little one's essentials
  • 5 Tips for Kid-Friendly Closets

    Photo by Marc Jao

    Working on your kids' personal space is fun and challenging. After childproofing their room, you also need to make sure that they are comfortable and that their things are in order. You shouldn't scrimp on storage given their toys, books, shoes, and clothes.

    Achieve a well-organized closet with the help of these organizing solutions:

    Opt for open shelving


    5 Tips for Kid-Friendly Closets

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    Avoid leaving your kids’ shoes and things on the floor as doing so can cause clutter and may also lead to tripping. Add open shelves where you can keep and display their favorite pairs, books, and toys. This will teach them where to get and return their things, too.

    Keep things accessible


    5 Tips for Kid-Friendly Closets Photo by Miguel Nacianceno.

    Pull-out drawers can make it easier for you and your kids (if they already can!) to get clothes and other items. You may also add clear plastic bins so you can easily identify the contents of each.

    To keep it neat and organized, segregate the items according to color or use. “Since kids have tons of stuff, label storage such as baskets or boxes to keep everything in place,” says interior designer Van Acuña-Solana.

    Tip: Make sure that shelves and cabinets are properly secured or attached to the wall to avoid accidents.

    Childproof the area
    Safety should be your top priority whenever working on kiddie rooms. Don't forget to add the necessary corner guards with edge protectors to cushion sharp edges in the cabinet.

    Tip: Keep potential hazards inside cabinets with a cabinet door lock.

    Pick vibrant hues
    According to the psychology of color, the colors you choose for your child’s space can affect and influence their mood and behavior. According to interior designer Hannah Acab-Faustino, cool colors in water-like hues can create a relaxing mood, while red can keep the room energized.

    Click here to learn more about color psychology.

    Add a space for small things
    If your kids love to collect small toys like toy cars or figurines, you can keep it organized by using catchalls. These catchalls can be placed inside drawers or on the shelves to keep the space neat. Choose transparent holders so that your kids can easily find their things.

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