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  • 5 Ways to Break Your Child’s Nasty Habits

    Get rid of your child’s bad habits early on and prevent these from developing into a lifelong practice.
  • girlHabits. There are both the good and the bad; the practices, gestures or mannerisms which eventually become second nature due to an outright resistance to break them early on. What may have started as a harmless and occasional urge blows up into something that triggers irritability or agitation if missing from a daily routine.

    Sounds familiar, right? For us adults, bad habits like our vices and the way we spend on things that we don’t really need can be a quite a challenge to rid of. Fortunately, when it comes to your kids, a potentially bad habit like nailbiting or thumbsucking may be easier to nip at the bud. Here are some tips to break your child’s nasty habits.

    1. Assess the severity of the habit.
    Take a look first at your child’s habit. Is it that bad that you feel you have to break it? How is it affecting your child negatively? If it’s not destructive, consider observing your child more before taking action. However, if you feel that this habit is likely to cause repercussions, then by all means, strike whilst the iron is hot.

    2. Determine the cause of the habit.
    Now that you’ve established your child’s habit as a bad one, it’s time to try to figure out or observe what exactly is triggering it or what factors bring it about. At what instances do you notice your child performing the habit? Or what environment encourages such actions? This step is important because it will help you determine what exactly to attack as a concerned parent.



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