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  • 5 Ways to Break Your Child’s Nasty Habits

    Get rid of your child’s bad habits early on and prevent these from developing into a lifelong practice.
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    3. Negate the cause with positive reinforcement.
    If you find out that the cause of your child’s late night candy fix is his favorite cartoon series which airs at that hour, then introduce him to something equally or even more enjoyable to get his mind off that cartoon series. Or give him a filling dinner so he won’t go looking for sweets at such an odd hour. Another way is to resort to positive reinforcement. Reward your child every time he resists the urge to get sweets. Or simply just make sure no sweets are within reach so help him quash the habit.

    4. Don’t slack off. Keep at it.
    If your strategy is working, then maintain your momentum. The key here is consistency. Essentially you’re breaking a habit by establishing better alternatives to entice your child away from it. Just make sure you’re not introducing another habit into the picture, and try lots of options so your child will realize that there really are a lot of other things he’s better off doing than resorting to his old bad habit.

    5. Be supportive.
    These tips aren’t exactly foolproof, so be patient and don’t get frustrated if it’s not going according to plan. Always, always approach your child with love and gentleness. Never chastise him for letting such a habit form because just like you, really, he’s just human, prone to making errors and giving in to whims. Instead, resort to encouragement, praise, and support.

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