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  • get money1. Monthly needs may not match Monthly Income:
    Many of our staffers live on a hand to mouth existence. Already barely able to make ends meet, many of them have extended families that require them to “contribute” from their earnings. Sometimes, tragedy whether death, accident of sickness finds its may into their lives and inevitably into their pockets --- having said this, although it is important to live within our means, as employers we must be aware that there are extraneous variables that can contribute to this constant need to ask for monetary advances. Be compassionate. Before reacting to a request, try to find out if there really is a need. Sometimes if the need is constant and the staffer is deserving, look into the possibility of increasing their monthly wage or providing additional benefits that will help appease the situation.

    2. Yaya sometimes does not live within her means:
    If overindulgence is indeed the root cause of the problem, as her employer, it is important to impart the lesson on the value of money and in many ways, temperance. Especially when a staffer is young, they are easily distracted and influenced by peer pressure. Health concerns, education and a plan for the future may not even be close to the radar screen. In this case, sit your staffer down --- if merited, do not allow the advance and explain the “danger” of a situation that can really get out of hand. Teach her to live within her means and to save, save, save!  ---- after all, no one knows what tomorrow can bring.

    3. Cash flow problem:
    To address this situation, many of households have a “paluwagan” system where a fixed amount of money is contributed monthly to a “pot” and each participant takes turns in collecting the total kitty. This way, there is an “alternative” means to solve this problem.

    4. Ignorance
    The concept of “Saving” is something we all take for granted. However, some staffers may genuinely be in the dark as to how to “save”. In this regard, take it upon yourself to create a “system” that will teach her --- perhaps help yaya by opening a bank account for her where you can deposit a fixed amount directly every month. It is a way of creating “forced savings”.  In addition, some households create an incentive program where at the end of a given period, the employer will match a certain percentage of gross savings. This way, yaya will be even more inspired to grow her account.



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