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5 Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Boost
  • We all dream of having a well-appointed kitchen where we can cook delicious meals to our heart’s content. While we can spend hours daydreaming and poring over beautiful pegs and photos, we can actually start planning our own kitchen makeover!

    As with any other home improvement project, it doesn’t have to be grand in a snap. Start with the little things and slowly build the kitchen of your dreams. Here are five easy tips to help you get started:

    Kitchen boost 1Photo by Paolo Feliciano.


    Aside from using mosaic and colorful backsplashes, interior designer Anla Li-Tan suggests that the splashboards be replaced with graphicote for a sleek, modern look. "You may also install mirrors to further expand your visual space," the designer adds.


    Kitchen boost 2Photo by Marc Jao.

    Subway tiles are hot these days and to keep up with the trend, you may also use these in your kitchen. Aside from giving the space a clean and streamlined feel, Anla shares that it helps you achieve a chic industrial look too.



    Kitchen boost 3|
    Photo by Miguel Nacianceno.

    Since you will be working with tons of ingredients and sharp utensils, it's best to have proper lighting in the kitchen. You can opt for task lighting in the countertop to help you with your tasks.

    "Is your kitchen too dim for your daily tasks? Perhaps your lamps need to be replaced with higher wattage lamps or have an electrician add T5 lamps under the overhead cabinet so that you have direct light on the counter space," explains interior designer Kimi Manuel.



    Kitchen boost 4Photo from Classy Clutter.

    If you have a small kitchen, you can exercise your creativity by coming up with unique solutions and hacks. I'm very fascinated with this pull-out pantry that Classy Clutter featured! All you need is a slim shelf where you can place dry goods and ingredients and an unused space beside the refrigerator. If you want to work on this project, click here.



    Kitchen boost 5Photo from Apartment Therapy.

    Aside from DIY projects, you can also opt to work with transforming and foldable furniture. Especially in limited areas—you can have a foldable prep table that can serve as extra counter space. If you're not busy cooking, simply pair it with two chairs and you can use it as makeshift dining table.




    This article originally appeared in RealLiving.com.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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