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  • We have to admit, there are days when getting up in the morning is such a difficult task. How can you say goodbye to the comfy bed and the pillows that seem to hug you and invite you to sleep for another five minutes? It doesn't help if you also find yourself worrying about getting stuck in traffic or the tons of things that you need to accomplish at work.

    Banish those blues and turn your room into a bright haven that can motivate you to face the day head on. Looking for inspiration? Here are five photos and ideas to help you:

    Inject Sunshine into your Bedroom 1
    Photo from Tumblr via Pinterest

    Happy memories and future plans can help us feel excited to start the day. Aside from creating an inspiration board, consider turning the back of your door into a special memory bank. Display photos from your trips, snapshots with loved ones, and even postcards! With this sight, you'll feel energized before stepping out.


    Inject Sunshine into your Bedroom 2
    Photo from Harper's Bazaar

    Does your room lack a touch of color? Choose pretty curtains that can help put you in a good mood. You can work with your favorite color or choose one that would remind you of a lush garden or a tropical getaway. We love how pops and shades of green complement the white walls in this bedroom. Waking up to this can transport you to your favorite resort, making you feel relaxed and at ease.

    Inject Sunshine into your Bedroom 3
    Photo from Vibeke Design

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    Fresh blooms can perk up one's day! Repurpose old mason jars into mini receptacles for lovely flowers that you can display on your side table. As the flowers bloom, you'll be reminded that a new day is a new beginning—so make it count!

    Inject Sunshine into your Bedroom 4
    Photo from Style Your Senses

    Got a plain bed? Choose pillow covers that showcase vibrant colors. You can also choose floral pieces that can add life to your room.

    Feeling extra creative? You can craft your own decorative pillows! Click here for a project that you can do!

    Inject Sunshine into your Bedroom 5
    Photo from Interiors Addict


    If you have budget to spare, you can choose to have a mini bedroom makeover! Invest in an accent wall—choose seafoam green for a relaxing touch and accessories in yellow and pink.

    You can also transform one wall into a huge inspiration board—create a gallery wall filled with framed quotations and your favorite phrases. If you're into drawing, you can also put one of your striking masterpieces on display!

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