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  • 5 Ways to Maximize a Small Bedroom for Kids

  • Child's bedroom

    Photo Source: realliving.com

    Having a small bedroom doesn’t always equal cramped and disorganized. It just takes a little bit of creativity and smart-decision making to turn your child’s bedroom into a haven that’s not just for sleeping in.

    Here, we have a few ideas on clever storage solutions, space-saving furniture and easy wall decorations to turn your child’s space into one that he’ll love spending time in:

    1. Opt for a bunk bed

    Child's bedroom


    If the room is for sharing, why not invest in a sturdy bunk bed? They’re great space savers and, let’s admit it, kids think they’re cool, and so do we. If it isn't, go for an elevated bed. This will free up some space underneath that’s great for a study area or small furniture like drawers and bookshelves.

    Just make sure to consider a few safety measures to prevent accidents. You’d want to place the bed in the corner of a room or somewhere where it’s beside a wall to lessen the chances of someone falling off. Make sure all screws and bolts are tight and tough, and that the ladder is firmly secured to the bed frame. Children aged 5 and below are not advised to sleep on the top bunk. For more tips for bunk bed safety, click here.

    Photo by Pat Martinez


    2. Store toys vertically

    Child's bedroom

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    There are quite a few unused spaces that you might not have noticed, like the one above the door for example. Install a shelf there or on the vertical space by the bed for books, toys and picture frames. However, don’t forget to think about safety. Don’t store heavy objects on the shelves, use bookends to secure books in place and, for other items, some adhesive would help keep them from falling off.

    Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

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    3. Add a sofa bed

    Sofa bed

    If your child loves having friends over for sleepovers, consider adding a sofa bed to the room. It doesn’t take up as much space as another bed, and you can fold it back in when it’s not in use or when it’s playtime. Plus, if you add a hanging lamp overhead, it turns into a cozy reading spot for your child. This one comes in a nice bright pink color which adds a nice pop of color to the room.

    Daniela Smart Sofa Bed, Dimensione.


    4. Add storage under the bed

    Storage under the bed

    Wondering where you can store extra sheets and beddings? Here’s another empty space you could use: under the bed! Utilize plastic bins or containers to store the sheets. They’re also a great place to store your kid’s shoes and toys. For more bedroom storage solutions, click here.

    Photo by Paolo Feliciano.

    For the rest of this list, head on over to realliving.com.ph!

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