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  • 5 Ways To Transition From A House To A Condo

    Let lifestyle blogger and mom Jackie Go guide you, as you and your family move through this exciting life transition.
  • Top lifestyle blogger Jackie Go of gojackiego.com goes home to a condominium unit everyday, which she shares with her husband, her two adorable kids and a helper. It wasn't always the case - they used to live in her in-laws' house. "What I don't miss about living in a house was going up and down the stairs whenever I would need something. Moving to a condominium was a choice my husband and I made because we love the city we're in. I was more excited because we'll finally have our own place."

    Jackie and her husband initially wanted to live in a townhouse, but their budget only allowed them to have a condominium unit. Jackie says, "This can actually make or break your decision when it comes to choosing what home would be perfect for you and your family." Once you've agreed on your budget, Jackie says that the transition from a house to a condominium would be smoother if you know the following:


    "This is the first thing to look for, for anyone who's looking for a new home. Do you want your home near where you live, where your kids study? Do you want to live in a particular city?"

    Knowing what you want location-wise will help you narrow down your choices.


    "Choose a neighborhood that fits your lifestyle. Do you prefer to live in a village or a smaller area? Or perhaps you prefer to live within the business district where your work is or do you prefer a neighborhood with blossoming restaurants?"

    Once you've agreed on these factors as a family, Jackie suggests doing the following to get the kids prepped up for the move.

    Manage your family's belongings

    "Assuming that your condo is smaller than your previous home, the transition from house to condo will entail decluttering. Take this time to let go of the things that no longer serve you. Having just the things you need daily would make moving easier."

    Highlight the perks of condo living to your family

    If your kids love the outdoors and are looking for a variety of activities, highlighting the exciting features of condo living can make them more excited to move from a house to a condo.

    Condominiums are incredibly convenient if you are looking for a home that already has amenities that are already within the community. Condos are also accessible and safe and it allows a very dynamic lifestyle for you and your family.

    Decorate your new place together.

    There's nothing like making a house—or in this case, a condo unit—a home by decorating it with your family. Buying new pieces of furniture or painting the rooms would make it more fun if you get everybody involved. Not only are you making every member of the family feel involved and important, but it's also a great way to bond with your children and spouse.

    For those who are still choosing between living in a condo or a house, Jackie is quick to say, "I for one prefer to live in a condo, because our home is a cozy place. Everything seems to be within an arm's reach and we fully utilize each area everyday. Plus, it's way easier to clean! Maintenance is probably cheaper too when compared to a house. I guess it's also the security, amenities and community that make condo living more convenient. If you think it would fit your lifestyle and your family's lifestyle, then I suggest condo living is the way to go."

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