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5 Storage Hacks You Can Do In 10 Minutes
PHOTO BY Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions and Paolo Feliciano
  • Keeping the house clutter-free is never easy, but with a few tricks and readily available must-haves, you can ace this chore with flying colors. Keep your possessions accessible and in place with the help of the ideas below. You'll be surprised -- some of these can leave you with instant decor or a lovely vignette, too!

    1. In the bedroom or living area


    Fellow bookworms can relate -- space is a problem if you're the type who goes to every sale. Display your favorites or your current reading list with the help of a study chair and a tray! Stack your reads inside the tray and place it carefully on the chair -- viola! Place a tabletop decor on top of the stack like an icing on top of the cake.

    TIP: If you're placing it in your bedroom, find a corner or situate it beside your bed (if you don't have a bedside table). Those who are planning to add the chair in the living area can place it beside the sofa. Keep the chair stylish and on point by draping a scarf or throw over the backrest. 

    2. In the storage or walk-in closet


    Do you collect hats, caps, and scarves? Don't leave your cabinets and drawers overflowing with your collections! Look around and see if you have a blank wall. Once you spot one, purchase a couple of hooks and even rods. Install these on the wall and display your picks -- similar to what KC Conception did in her walk-in closet.

    TIP: Turn your storage wall into a work of art! Work with a color palette or even a theme. Schedule your themes weekly so you'll be encouraged to organize and edit your collection, too!

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    3. In the kitchen


    Turn a blank wall into functional spot by purchasing and installing a slotted shelf. This can be used to hold pots, small plates and even mason jars. Make the most of your storage piece by installing hooks on the slots -- these can hold cups and mugs. Source for a similar shelf when you visit SM Home or Crate and Barrel.

    4. In the bedroom


    Do you love to collect photographs, accessories, and letters? Instead of storing them in drawers and bins, you can use a wooden divider! Simply add hooks and install rods, and then hang your favorite bracelets and necklaces. You may also work with twine and mini clothespins to showcase photos. 

    TIP: If you don't have a separate room where you can dress up and get ready for work, the divider is definitely a plus! Place it in a corner near your cabinet to create an instant private space. This setup makes it easier for you to grab the set of accessories that will match your outfit as well. 

    5. In the storage or utility room


    Can't seem to fit all your clothes inside the closet? No worries! Maximize your storage or utility room by working with clothes racks! Buy two to three in the same length and size and then place them next to each other against a blank wall. Hang your clothes neatly with the help of similar hangers to create an instant walk-in closet. Remember to keep this room clean and dust-free to save your clothes from dirt and stains.

    Photos by Paolo Feilciano, Rene Mejia, Dairy Darilag, and Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions

    This story originally appeared on Realliving.com.ph.

    * Minor edits have been made by the Smartparenting.com.ph editors.

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