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  • 6 Tips for Creating a Play Area in Your Condo Home

    Here's how you can create a fun space for your little one!
  • Living in a condo means you have to maximize every inch of living space. Does that mean you can't create a play area for your kids? Worry not, Mom! Lifestyle blogger and mom of two Jackie Go is living proof that it is possible.

    Her two kids have their own play area in their family's condo unit. "I believe it is just a matter of making adjustments," Jackie says. "We gave up our coffee table so that my kids can use the space.

    "They can practically do anything they want: set up a camp, finger-paint on an entire sheet of manila paper, and even do a bit of gymnastics and other fun physical activities."

    Jackie also believes on the importance of playtime. "Play is as essential as academics, so giving them even a few minutes a day to play is enough to keep them feeling engaged and recharged no matter how tiring school can get," she says.

    Jackie shares some DIY tips for setting up a play space in your condo home:

    Prioritize safety

    For Jackie, safety means "making sure the area is clear from anything that can cause accidents. It should be away from a door and not near an open window. Nearby sockets should be covered, and there should be mats on the floor."

    She encourages all moms and dads to be alert: "I make sure there's always an adult to supervise my kids' playtime."

    Make it comfortable

    "The play area should be well-ventilated and well-lighted," Jackie advises. If possible, install a ceiling fan to save on space in case the AC doesn't cover the play area. Remember: more comfy, more fun! 

    Include your kids' own preferences

    "Make your kids' play area more enticing by choosing a design that best describes them or at the very least something that they like," Jackie says. Customize your child's play area based on his or her interests. "It could be giant puzzles, colors or paints, blocks, or paraphernalia for role play games."

    Choose multitasking pieces

    "We maximized our kids' play area by using pieces that serve more than one purpose," Jackie says. "Find pieces that are not bulky, and use only those that are essential to your child's needs." To save more space, she follows this rule of thumb: Let go of toys that have not been used for at least six months.   

    Make it suit your family's lifestyle

    The play area should complement the rest of your home. "We wanted fluidity, so we opted for less furniture to make our home feel spacious, not cramped and complex," Jackie says. "Also, we opted for neutral colors white, gray, and black with textures of wood for a homey feel."   

    Get inspired

    Jackie considered Pinterest and YouTube tutorials as some of her best resources when she was setting up the play area in her condo. Create a Pinterest board where you can pin some pegs, and watch how-to videos on YouTube.

    Your kids' play area can actually extend to the great outdoors. That's possible in Avida's newest mixed-use development located in Alabang, Muntinlupa City: South Park District.

    Artist's perspective

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    Artist's perspective

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