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  • Just recently, I discovered that we have a treasure trove of old items at home. From rusty sets of utensils and cooking essentials to small appliances and accessories that have seen better days – you name it, I’m sure we have it.

    Since these items need to be sorted, I searched online for ways on how to properly dispose of some. To my delight, I stumbled upon an article on how you can breathe new life into old kitchen items. Repurposing is a good way of dealing with clutter as it can help you save money while giving you something that you can maximize and use as décor.

    Here are some of my favorite ideas that you can find useful too:


    Kitchen Repurpose 1Photo from BoredPanda.com


    Old teapots, jars, and even teacups can be recycled into charming planters for your indoor plants, cacti, and succulents. Just make sure you repot them properly to ensure proper growth.

    If you have a mini garden at home, you can also hang your plants as refreshing decor.


    Kitchen Repurpose 2Photo from Stroovi.


    You don't need to throw old spoons and forks! Craft towel and coat hooks out of these with the help of your trusty pliers. Line up and secure your new hooks on a piece of wood that you can attach to the wall.

    RL Tip: For a vintage touch, you may choose not to polish the old utensils—just clean it using a damp cloth.


    Kitchen Repurpose 3Photo from Homedit.


     For a rustic touch at home, you can turn soup ladles into candleholders! This is so easy to do and perfect for impromptu dinners and get-togethers at home. Simply hang them in one corner and secure the ladles with Blu-tack.


    Kitchen Repurpose 4
    Photo from TheLovelySuccubent via Etsy.

    A wine cork planter? It's possible! A collection of these mini wonders can liven up a plain wall and would look perfect in the balcony.


    Click here to learn more about this project.


    Kitchen Repurpose 5
    Photo from Raeraesisters via Etsy.

    Upcycle an old cheese grater into a quirky pencil holder! Clean your old piece and make sure it's rust-free. Attach a small hook at the back, turn it upside down, and fill it with your markers and pens.



    Kitchen Repurpose 6
    Photo from Raeraesisters via Etsy.

    Do you love to bake sweet treats and cookies? Reuse your old muffin tin into a multipurpose organizer. You can use it to organize small office supplies and even your accessories! If you love crafting, this organizer can also come in handy.


    Kitchen Repurpose 7
    Photo from Landeelu.


    We've probably listed over a hundred ways on how you can repurpose old mason jars but if you lack tissue in the bathroom, you can two or three jars as tissue holders! You can paint the jars or decorate it before displaying them on the countertop.

    Click here for the complete guide.

    This article originally appeared in RealLiving.com.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.


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