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  • 7 "Crazy But Useful" Inventions Moms Could Use

    These could make life in general easier for you.
7 "Crazy But Useful" Inventions Moms Could Use
  • Photo from zwallpix.com

    We moms are a busy lot.

    While there are tons of new products out there that are extremely helpful in parenting, we've rounded up those cool, almost-crazy-but-really-useful ones that could potentially make life easier for moms in their own little ways. These are real products that are availabe, maybe not here in the Philippines, but somewhere around the world (if you feel strongly about purchasing one, there's always online shopping!).

    Here are what we've discovered so far:


    1. The Masterpan All-in-one Frying Pan 

    All in one frying panPhoto from thefowndry.com

    The 15-inch skillet can help you cook breakfast in a breeze. How? The pan is divided into five sections. It's compartmentalized design lets you cook eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes in one go. Especially helpful for a big family with a big appetite.


    2. The Ruggie Alarm Clock 

    Alarm clock rug 


    Photo from kickstarter.com

    It forces you to physically get off the bed and put both your feet on the rug to turn the alarm off, and you can't cheat because it has sensors to detect them. After waking you up, it will then play customizable funny speeches to encourage you not to get back into bed. Sleepyheads, you've met your match!


    3. The Cuddle Mattress

     Cuddle mattressPhoto from cuddle-mattress.com

    Here's a mattresss that has three-inch wide slats so you or your partner's arms won't "sleep." This could save a marriage -- at least for those who are yearning for some spoon-lovin'.


    4. AiraWear Massage Jacket 

    Airawear jacket Massager 

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    Photo from Airawear.com

    A parent's best friend, as it allows you to get a back massage anywhere, anytime. Just choose the type of massage you want and then lean on a surface. It works like a massage chair, but portable. It's from the same makers of jackets that give calming virtual hugs to children with autism.

    5. Hypnos Inflatable Sleep Hoodie 

    Inflatable hoodie pillowPhoto from cntraveler.com

    This fleece sweatshirt looks like a normal hoodie in pullover and zip-up styles, but wait til you see what else it does. The hoodie inflates into a pillow in just three seconds, and it's engineered to follow the shape of your head. You can easily wash it, too! Great for sleep-deprived on-the-go moms! 


    6. Ironius Coffe Mug Iron

    Coffee Mug IronPhoto from boredpoanda.com


    The base of this mug is as flat as it can be. It claims that the heat from your coffee-filled mug can iron out creases of your shirt. Home chores while sipping coffee? Now, that's multi-tasking.


    7. The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp

    Butter knife 

    Photo from butterup.com.au

    You'll never have to struggle with spreading frozen butter on your toast again with this knife. This is specifically designed for butter and has a built in grater to aerate and soften the dairy quickly, making it easy to spread. That's one less thing to think about.

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