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  • Here comes the new school year! Trailing along with it is the build-up of clutter – paper, art materials, books, notebooks – that come with back-to-school season. Keep your home and your child’s study area neat and tidy with these organization tips: 

    1. Hang it.

    A door organizer is perfect for keeping things tidy. It takes up very little room and maximizes space. Because of all the pockets, it's also easier for little kids to take and put back items. The clear pockets also keep everything in view. If you want, you can print out labels for each section and attach each with a paper clip. 

    2. Add layers to a drawer


    The best way to organize a messy drawer is with a tray organizer. However, if you find that you have more supplies than you have room for, consider adding a second layer to your drawer. This way you have twice the storage room by utilizing the vertical space. Get tips on how to do this from IHeart Organizing

    3. Get a big box filer.

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    Nothing can make an area look more messy than scattered loose paper. Organize paper and other reference materials (like maps, periodic tables, multiplication sheets, etc.) into one file box. Divide your child’s school filer box into sections and label with each subject. Quizzes, seatwork exercise sheets, school circulars and other weekly paper pile-up now have a home. 

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    4. Install hooks for bags and grab-and-go items.

    Make it easier for kids to organize their school stuff by installing hooks. Hooks are easy to use and they’re very versatile. Use them to hang your child’s school bag, umbrellas, rain coats, IDs, storage bags and anything else.

    5. Put up a pin board. 

    Pin up all the things you and your child need to keep in mind for easy referral. Hang the school monthly calendar, the exam week schedule, school dismissal times, school shopping list and other important reminders. It’s also the perfect spot to display your child’s artwork. 

    6. Designate a place for bulky extra curricular activity supplies.


    Does your child enjoy a lot of extra curricular activities? Assign an area for each activity. Keep basketball shoes, jerseys and the basketball in one box, for example, and all the paint tubes and watercolor paper in another. You won’t only be keeping your student’s room tidy, it will be easier for her to grab what she needs for the school day too.

    7. An easy-to-reach rolling wire organizer.


    Does the kitchen table double as a study area? Make things easy to reach and organized with a rolling wire organizer stocked with schoolwork essentials. Keep it in your child’s room and roll out whenever needed. Include containers, cups and holders to hold your child’s supplies.

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