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  • Yaya Problems: 10 Situations and What To Do About Them

    Your yaya can’t seem to do anything right. When do you say enough is enough?
    by Rachel Perez .
  • Here are more yaya situations and how to deal with them.

    4. Your child’s yaya threatens to lock him up in the room if he doesn’t obey her.

    VERDICT Issue a warning.

    WHAT TO DO Call her attention right away. Talk to her about the proper way to discipline your

    child. Calmly explain to her that threatening a child is a big no-no, says Nice Lim-Trinidad, training manager and mom to Coley, 4, and, Coby, 2. It is the parents’ responsibility to discipline their children; it is the yaya’s role to support their discipline style. For Espia, threatening a child is a serious mistake: The second time yaya does it, she would let her go. Advise your yaya to consult you if she is having problems dealing with your child. Talk to your child, too. Find out why he doesn’t want to obey his yaya. Before you hire a yaya, see to it that your child is at ease with her.


    5. Yaya hurts your child.

    VERDICT Let her go.

    WHAT TO DO Whether the abuse is verbal or physical, let yaya go. What’s more, if you catch her in the act or have solid proof that she hurt your child, get the authorities involved. Report the incident to the local barangay, Bautista suggests. The next time she asks for a barangay or NBI clearance, the incident will be brought to light. You can also take the matter to court. The “Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004” protects children against any kind of abuse.


    Do a routine check on yaya’s background (former employer, NBI, etc.), suggests Bautista, and conduct a thorough interview before hiring her. The information that you gather should give you a

    feel of her personality as well as what to expect of her. Regularly get your children’s feedback about how their yaya is treating them. Make use of technology; a nanny cam will allow you to see how the yaya really is with your kids when you’re not around. Having a relative at home who can give you feedback on the yaya, even for just the first few weeks of her employment, would be  ideal.


    6. Sunday is her off day. But the first time she took her day-off, she went home at 3 a.m. the next morning.

    VERDICT Issue a warning.

    WHAT TO DO Talk to her about the consequences of her action (e.g. you were not able to report for work because of her absence). After a warning, Lim-Trinidad deducted half day of her yaya’s pay to make her accountable for her absence. Bianca del Rosario, technical support  representative and mom to Soleil, 15 months, chose to not let her yaya have her next day-off as a penalty. Make sure your sanction is appropriate for the offense given. Upon hiring a yaya, talk about all the details of her employment: salary, days off, food and toiletries allowances, etc. Get her side on these things; “Bahala na po kayo” doesn’t help both parties, writes Baustista.

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