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  • A Mom’s Summer Check-List: 20 Things you Can Do while School is on Break

    Moms, take advantage of the summer vacation to do these tasks.
    by Emilie N. Lucena .
  • 11. Buy gifts for classmates.
    Your child may be invited to a birthday party with only a few days’ notice and you may not have time to buy a gift. Stock up on a few generic items. Consult your child to see what her classmates commonly like, perhaps a bag with a popular character on its design, a book that’s age-appropriate or a fun DVD that can be enjoyed many times over. While you’re at the store shopping, you can choose to buy some items for the teachers too!  

    12. Get your children’s ID photos taken.
    You’ll never know when you will need them for school or other requirements. Have at least a couple of 1x1 and 2x2 photos ready.  

    13. Order an extra copy of your kids’ birth and baptismal certificates.
    Call NSO (737-1111) to order a copy of their birth certificates, and visit your parish to request for a copy of your kids’ baptismal certificates.  

    14. Renew passports and visas.
    Perhaps your passports are nearing their expiry. Remember that you cannot travel with passports that expire in six months or less. If the children’s passports and visas are expiring soon, be sure you schedule a trip to the DFA and embassy during the summer so kids won’t have to miss school just to have them renewed. DFA contact info is 834-4000 and www.dfa.gov.ph.  

    15. Finish projects.
    A model airplane that needs building or a room that you've been planning to convert into a playroom? Time to take stock of unfinished projects or get a head start on the projects that have remained in the planning stage.  

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    16. Tutor kids.
    Okay, I hear you! It’s summer and I want you to tutor your kids? It actually makes sense to keep your child’s mind active this summer. Make summer tutoring fun through games and activities. Create a word for the day to increase your child’s vocabulary.  

    17. Teach your kids to do chores.
    Summer is a good time to get them to learn some easy chores such as setting the table, making their bed and dusting the furniture.  

    18. Open a bank account for your kids.
    Consider setting up a kiddie bank account where they can deposit the money they saved from their weekly allowance and the cash gifts they get during Christmas and birthdays. It’s a good time to start teaching them important lessons about money.

    19. Bring your kids to a museum, see a play, watch a movie.
    Build on bonding time with mom and dad. Summer is a perfect time to scratch off some of the items on your child’s wish list of places to go and things to do.  



    20. Spend time with family and relatives.
    When school starts, it’s difficult to find the time to visit family and relatives especially if they live in the provinces. Make the time this summer.  

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