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  • According to the Law: Legal Adoption

    A single mother wants to know if her soon-to-be husband can adopt her child.
    by Atty. Cecilia L. Real .
  • hand in handQ : “Hi Atty. Real, I am a single mother and my child is using my surname. In his birth certificate, the name of the father was not indicated.

    I am currently in a relationship (not the father of my child) and we are preparing for our wedding next year. My soon-to-be husband wants to give his surname to my child as soon as we get married. Is it advisable to have my child adopted by him? What are the necessary steps? How long does it usually take?” – Jas

    A :

    Hi Jas, you are lucky to find a man who loves you and your child unconditionally.

    When you are already married, your husband may adopt your son.  A petition for adoption may be filed with the Family Court in your province or city.

    Initially, you can visit the Department of Social Welfare, as that agency of the government may be required by the court to validate and verify your petition.

    Once adoption is decreed by the Family Court, your son shall have the rights and obligations as a legitimate child of the adoptive parent, including the right to use the surname of your husband.

    It is a long and tedious process but it is always worth the sacrifice because this is for your child.

    Since adoption involves legal intricacies, especially where there is vesting of rights and obligations on both adopted and adoptee parent, it is best that you engage the services of a lawyer who could guide you through the entire process.

    Good luck and best wishes!

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