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  • According to the Law: Middle name for child born out of wedlock

    Mom and lawyer Cecilia Real shares legal references on naming a child born out of wedlock and a single parent’s options on what middle name to give her child.
    by Atty. Cecilia L. Real .
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  • Read on to learn more about single parents' options on what middle name to give their child born out of wedlock.

    What are your options in this case?

    Sometimes, in a single mother's honest intention to give her child a middle name, she opts to let her parents adopt her child. The child then takes on the name of the adoptive parents, and the legal implication is that the single mother loses her parental authority over the child as they are now considered siblings.

    Your best option, Jeni, is to let your older daughter understand the provisions of the law which should be viewed positively as a protection for her future. Don’t be limited by this detail; she is rightfully your child and your parental authority and responsibility should be your daughter’s security.  

    If you feel it necessary, you may seek counseling intervention for your older daughter to understand her rights and explain how the law is protecting her.

    What’s in a name?--


    It tells the story of a mother’s willingness to put upon her shoulders the accountability of raising a child she dearly loves, and giving it an identity it could be proud of.  

    It tells of the sacrifice of a single mother who ensures that the child understands her circumstance in life without making it a stumbling block to the child’s self-actualization.

    It provokes an inner motivation for both the single mother and the child to prove that it’s not the name that counts but the person that the child grows up to be, borne out of sacrifice and unconditional love.

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