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  • In July 2011, we went home to the Philippines to attend a cousin’s wedding. During our trip, Rhenee and I were able to attend Sunday mass at the St. Pio Chapel in Libis, Quezon City, with my parents, sister and her family. My mom was the one who first told me about the chapel and St. Pio and the many prayers that had been answered through his intercession. She told us that Rhenee and I should visit the chapel and pray to St. Pio to grant our prayers for a child.

    While waiting for the Holy Mass to begin, Rhenee and I were handed pieces of paper where we could write our prayer requests to St. Pio. We did so, and after the mass, we even stayed behind to be prayed over by one of the Eucharistic Ministers at the chapel.  A few days after that visit to St. Pio’s chapel, I went back to Brunei while Rhenee stayed behind, then flew to Brunei for a week before again leaving for a 5-week mission trip to Sibu, Sarawak.  

    About a week into Rhenee’s mission in Sibu, I decided to take a pregnancy test since I had not had my monthly period for over two months. Actually this was not an unusual thing for me as I’ve always had irregular periods since puberty. I don’t know what drove me to take the test this time around, but to my surprise, the test result was positive!

    I couldn’t believe my eyes and even thought that perhaps I had taken the test incorrectly. I took another pregnancy test the following day, this time following the instructions carefully. The test still came out positive! I immediately called Rhenee and told him the news, but we decided to contain our joy first until I had gone to a doctor to really confirm that I was pregnant.  

    Imagine our joy when the doctor confirmed that I was pregnant! Still, I asked her to perform blood tests and an ultrasound scan, because with my fertility history, I really wanted to be sure that I was positively pregnant before making any public declarations.  

    After my visit to the clinic, I immediately called my mom in the Philippines and told her the news, which she received with tears of joy. She declared that God, through St. Pio, had granted our prayers. A week later, the blood test results were “consistent with pregnancy” and the doctor took the first picture of the growing baby inside my womb at approximately 10 weeks old. God had indeed answered our prayers, through the intercession of St. Pio!

    St. Pio’s words “pray, hope and don’t worry” had come true for us. Even if we had already given up on being parents, I believe that God, through the prayers of St. Pio and all our family members and friends and members of our Catholic community, had granted us our desire.

    As of this writing, our little miracle, Pia Maria Isabelle, is just days away from turning one year old, as her birthday is on March 26. It has been a year of wonder and overflowing love for our family, and of gratefulness for the gift of life, as manifested in Pia.  



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