Bye Bye Kulob! Moms Share Rainy Day Laundry Tips For Fresh-Smelling Clothes

These moms swear by the same product that helps fight kulob!

Tag-ulan na naman! This could only mean one thing when laundry is concerned: amoy kulob!

Fortunately, wais moms know a thing or two about banishing amoy kulob. We spoke with Pat Carranza, Cherrie Magbanua, Din Real-Bautista, and Seema Savoie, members of the Smart Parenting Mom Network, to find out some of their tried-and-true hacks to keep clothes smelling fresh on rainy days.

1. Wash clothes in batches and space out sinampay

If you have limited indoor space, the most practical thing you can do is wash clothes in batches. These moms agree that having fewer labada means the sinampay can have enough breathing room to dry properly.

“Due to lack of space, I make sure not to overdo the [number] of clothes I’d have to wash, so there’s ample space for each [item] to dry. It’s better also para naman makahinga ang clothes [and] para fresh siya kapag natuyo,” Din says.

“Naglalaba ako by batch para lang hindi masyadong marami sa sampayan. Pagkatapos ay nilalagay ko rin ang bawat nilabhan sa tig-iisang hanger para hindi sila dikit-dikit,” Cherrie shares.

Pat also recommends handwashing, if possible. She explains: “Baka kayanin naman na paunti-unti — de-kamay para hindi mag-consume ng kuryente — tapos sampay agad para ‘di rin maging masyadong [amoy] kulob sa bahay.”

2. Be mindful of where (and when) to dry sinampay

When it’s raining cats and dogs and the only choice left is to hang freshly laundered clothes indoors, the next best thing you can do is find the most well-ventilated and well-lit area inside the house to help clothes dry quicker.

“Hang them in a well-ventilated area and space where no one in your family goes to as much as possible,” Seema advises.

“Isa rin ang pagsasampay sa maaliwalas na area ng house,” Cherrie adds. “Like sa likod ng bahay kung saan meron kaming malaking bintana na nakakatulong din talaga sa mainam na pagtuyo ng damit.”

Pat shares further: “Kung [hindi] maiiwasan magpatuyo sa loob ng bahay, ‘wag habang may nagluluto. ‘Wag sana sa kusina at dining area kasi baka kumapit ‘yung amoy ng pagkain.”

3. Always use a fabric conditioner as the final step of paglalaba

Of course, preventing amoy kulob starts during the process of the laundry itself. So, after all the scrubbing and rinsing, use a fabric conditioner.

“I always, always use a fabric conditioner. This can help the clothes smell so good. Especially sa amin na maliit ang balcony, it’s very important na maganda ang products to be used para preserved and mabango ang damit,” Din says.

Pick a fab con that’s not only fragrant but can also keep amoy kulob and nasty odors at bay; and help preserve the color, softness, and shape of clothes — all at a pocket-friendly price. Pat, Cherrie, Din, and Seema were able to find these qualities in Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh, their wais pick this rainy season that offers "charcoal power protection."

"What I like most is the smell, it is just the right amount of fragrance. It's important for me that my kids love the smell and feel of their clothes after wash and Surf Fabcon delivers. My kids love it!" Seema says.

Cherrie says, “It feels good to be able to make your family happy with this reliable partner in laundry care," referring to Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh. "Whenever they wear clothes with softness, radiance, and bangong alaga, they’ll feel my unconditional love and care,” she adds.

Prevent amoy kulob during the rainy season by following these tips and using Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh!

Surf Fabric Conditioner Charcoal Fresh and other variants are available on Lazada and Shopee. Follow Surf Philippines on Facebook for more information.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Surf.


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Shop the items in this story!