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  • 'Libing Well': These 2 Books Ensure Your Family Knows What To Do After Your Death

    When the inevitable comes, will your family be ready?
    by Lei Dimarucut-Sison .
'Libing Well': These 2 Books Ensure Your Family Knows What To Do After Your Death
PHOTO BY courtesy of Alda Cleofe/Facebook, ABS-CBN Publishing
  • Like they say, death comes like a thief in the night. We’re never certain exactly when or how we will leave this earth, but what we do know is that it will come for sure.

    This makes preparing for one’s death a necessary task, and we don’t only mean for the after-life. Most of the time, death will happen without a warning, and as a result, those left behind find themselves clueless about what to do. 

    It is true that the person who is prepared for this inevitability is the wisest of all (then again, some will say that nothing really prepares you for it). However, one may ask, how does one get ready for the end of life with so many details to think of? Where do you begin? Here are two books to help you out. 

    Book of Bilins - Your Ultimate Guide to Libing Well

    While many choose to avoid talking about death, this new book from ABS-CBN Publishing puts the “Fun” in planning your FUNeral, and all other unfinished businesses on earth. Written in Tag-lish, it aims to keep an otherwise serious topic light and humorous. 

    The book features how-to’s an individual can fill out for the family he will leave behind. It is a handy manual to contain one’s preferences on conducting the funeral, posting the dreaded announcement on social media, proceeding with the burial or cremation, and many more. 


    With Book of Bilins, you can give instructions to those you will leave behind, even on what music to play and who will carry your casket during your funeral.
    PHOTO BY ABS-CBN Publishing


    Book of Bilins contains relevant checklists readers can use as quick reference, including important documents to handle, first people to contact, preferred OOTD (outfit of the dead), and even makeup pegs for the funeral. It also provides spaces for final thank-you letters, apology notes, and big revelations, which trusted loved ones can read and share.

    Book of Bilins will not be complete without a portion for the crucial stuff: the heirs and what they will get, insurance policies, and bank account details, plus guide on canceling the dead’s subscriptions, handling his email and social accounts, or settling his debts. (Here's a guide on the paperwork to be settled after a spouse dies.)

    Says author Jubilee Sangalang, “With this book, you’ll be able to literally rest in peace because you won’t be leaving your loved ones confused.”

    Book of Bilins is available in National Book Store and Powerbooks branches for Php 225. 

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    Huling Habilin

    The book cover concisely explains what Huling Habilin is: “A compilation of all essential information, instructions, and wishes for my family and close friends when I’m gone.” 

    Not surprisingly, author Alda Clarisse Cleofe is in the insurance business, an industry that helps people plan for their future. On her Facebook post, she describes her passion project: 

    “More than 5 years in the life insurance business and from personal experiences, my biggest lesson learned is that no one is really ready. When I visit the ones left behind, the question is ‘Where do I even start?’

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    PHOTO BY Alda Cleofe/Facebook


    “Even when you’re gone, you can still provide the first few steps and walk with them in the new life without you. It is the road map regarding your insurance policies, investments, relevant documents, medical information, important contacts, and more,” reads part of the workbook’s introduction.

    Alda emphasizes why it’s important to have one’s Huling Habilin ready: “It allows you to communicate one last time with your loved ones so that they are easily and effectively made aware of all the preparations you’ve made and final requests that you may have.

    “This is more than a last will and testament. It is your love letter to all those you leave behind, giving access to anything you may want done — for them. 

    “Instead of them feeling all the pain of loss, they are once again assured of your love for them. This is your virtual and continuing hug for them, telling them that all will be well.”


    Huling Habilin can be purchased directly from the author by messaging her at aldacleofe@gmail.com.

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